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When I’m sitting in front of my laptop and the words won’t come, I try to remember the things my writing coach told me. Funny how we strangle our minds enough that the helpful bits get lost in the chaos of our fear and frustration.

When I was in Write Raw – a rookie in the book writing world – I tried to take notes during the hour-long sessions with Beck. My laptop was covered in Post-It notes, positivity and performance tips scribbled everywhere.

The problem? I take notes like my students did, and they’re hard to comprehend after the fact.

Once I was far enough away from the program, I lost the meaning of all those notes. I progressed through my manuscript trying to recall everything she said and believing a tiny note held answers I needed.

I think this is a problem for writers in general, though I must say part of it stems from my lackluster note-taking.

One of the things we do around here when we aren’t kicking asses and taking names is try to better our programs. Weekly brainstorming sessions and late-night Beckster emails happen on the regs. And for the most part, my husband doesn’t mind (unless, of course, he wants my late nights).

Sometimes through these sessions, we come up with ideas to improve already standing programs. Sometimes inspiration takes us new places. It’s always an exciting day when we can announce a new program. So let’s make new magic happen.

The Write Now Sessions is a new 6-week program at Signup for online access to coaching videos and handouts, AND real time with Beck. The key: Long after your time with Becky is through, you can play and replay those videos whenever and wherever you want. (This is très, très better than banging your head against the keyboard while trying to decipher a long forgotten Post-It.)

When you finish your first book? You’ll still be able to go back through the program. Over and over again. And your sessions never expire. You get access for life. Forever and ever and always. Because forever is a good word. The end.

You’ll have access to some of the same tips and tricks given out to Write Raw and Summer Writing Camp students, and you’ll be able to take them in at your own pace – when you have the time. It kills the “I can’t make my schedule work around coaching sessions” excuse.

But that’s not the best part.

If you pre-order, you’re only paying $297, murdering the “I can’t afford it” excuse.

With nothing left to stop you, will you come up with a new excuse – or signup?

Get your ass in the chair and the words out of your beautiful head. It’s time (and nearly $1,500 less expensive than working privately with Becky).

Don’t wait too long to make the decision though. The price is a perk for jumping on board now. It nearly doubles to $497 soon.

The Write Now Sessions will be released November 1, 2014. On that day, access to all course materials will be emailed to those who have purchased.


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  1. Rick Gabrielly
    Rick Gabrielly says:

    LOVE this post Capo. Now do you believe in forever Becky? You Girls Rock. I just took two pieces of my heart out to give to both of you. Luckily it regenerates so don’t freak. I actually have more love now as a result. xxoo


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