This is a 5-week course for anyone who’s ever thought, “I can’t charge that much,” or “No one will ever pay that much,” or “What if they don’t think I’m worth it?” or “Who the fuck can actually charge $500 an hour?” (Hint: Your future self, soon.)


MANIFEST NOW is a 4-week course. You’ll start with the basics and move on to cover mind-altering theories that will change the way you ask for money forevermore.


If you’re tired of fear controlling your actions, sick of hiding your true self, done with your bullshit excuses about why you “can’t” be, do or have whatever it is you’re after, then you’re in the right place. Enter: F³.


A 28-day course on creating your first funnel (arguably the only one you will ever need).


A 30-day course to help you trust YOU, do what you want and feel great about it.


The Mindset Workshop shows you the impact your thoughts have on your business, relationships, confidence and your ability to make money.


Keep yourself accountable and get shit done – 90 days at a time. This workbook is full of nitty-gritty, down and dirty, practical questions designed to change your thinking so you grab your fucking goals.