A goal without a plan is just a wish. Let’s write.

It’s Tuesday. That means you have a little less than 72 hours to decide whether or not your dream of writing a book or website content is something you want to do – versus something you just want to think about. (Over and over, for days, weeks, years on end…)

Summer Writing Camp starts Saturday, August 2nd. We have three spots left for smart, hungry writers who are ready to say yes and invest in themselves and their words.

Last year, ALL of our summer campers went on to publish their books. Are you ready to make your dream reality?

Is it scary? Yes.

goalCan you do it? Absolutely.

Will you have help? Every step of the way.

What’s it worth to actually do what you’ve imagined for years? How’s it going to feel when you finally hold your book in your hands?

I offer camp once a year. This is it.

For the next four weeks, I’m taking a small group of writers under my wing from Page One to The End.

You can talk about following your dreams all day long. What you DO to go after them is what matters.

Last word. Last chance. You in?

Get over there and signup already.


Questions? Click to schedule a 15-minute session with moi

But don’t wait. We start Saturday.


P.S. Didya know we’re launching a new website this week? Yep. A fresh new look, complete with even MORE inspiration, freebies and new products and services. Stay tuned.