Because ‘I can’t’ is bullsh*t. Just write.

You may have heard, I was a reporter who suffered from severe anxiety and writer’s block. It took me ten years and countless panic attacks to work through it, but I did. I figured chances were excellent other writers had the same struggles.

So I took my skills (it’s more about embracing fear that fighting it) and created a place where writers could go when they:

  • need help finding their voice
  • want to write epic shit
  • are tired of being told (and believing) they can’t do it

We all get stuck, even (especially?) award-winning authors.

You’re far from alone. That’s the essence of Write Raw, my four-week signature program.

What do you get in four weeks? The extermination of your internal editor, for starters. I’ll also get you unstuck and show you how to write what is true to you in the way you always imagined you could.

Here, writers write and excuses die.

But don’t take my word for it. Ask around …

“I was in a writing rut and I needed some help (read: climbing gear) to get out. What I got was much-needed tough love (from Becky) and emotional support (from Ranee)… I leaped out of my rut and produced more writing than I have in months. Better yet, it’s writing that’s true to me, my voice and my series.” – Clare Davidson, author of Amazon bestsellers Trinity and Reaper’s Rhythm

“Becky Tsaros Dickson’s writing is as ripped and lean as a Greek god, but bursts inside your heart with emotion that is both tender and authentic. Should you attend Write Raw sessions? Only if you want to sweep away the fluff and write straight from your soul. Only if you want your readers to say that you’re writing their own thoughts in your work.” – Jacob Nordby, author of The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening

“I still don’t know how Becky actually does it, because she doesn’t do the writing for you. Only YOU know the story and no one can tell it like YOU, she says… I went from a dead-end of 2,000 to stampeding my way past 8,000 in a matter of days. It was amazing. A month later, I’m well over 20,000 words… Working with her, she encouraged me to just write and do it without fear. I admire her talent and enjoy her enthusiasm. I’m certain you will too.” – Kellie Elmore, author of Amazon Bestseller Magic in the Backyard


If you think you cannot do it, you’re wrong.

If you think it’s unrealistic, you’re wrong.

If you think it will be scary, you’re right.

If you’re willing to go after what you want in spite of that fear …

If want to go out knowing that you did everything you could …

you’re in the right place.

Note: This is NOT some cheap $99 do-it-yourself (and you probably won’t) writing class. This is me and you, real-time, almost every day for a month, up close and personal, hacking through the thicket of fear and all the “I can’t”s.

Because “I can’t” is bullshit.

This is for writers who are serious about getting shit done and who show up to do it.

Let’s make it happen.

Click here for signup details.

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write raw  verb \ˈrīt\ \ˈr\ : To write from your gut, without a filter or apology. To write exactly what comes to mind without editing. To simply put it on the page. (Ex: Kurt Vonnegut embodied the phrase write raw. His words were as unfiltered as his Pall Malls.)

•  •  •

Fee: $499

Where: Ass in chair, in front of your keyboard. View around your monitor is optional.

Who: Me + you, baby.

What: Taking time for you and your work, writing what’s true to you. What you want to say, how you want to say it. Feedback. Inspiration. Accountability. (Yes, you can and I’ll make sure you do.)

  • Increase skills and gain exposure to other writers. (We have a rad private community.)
  • Share common struggles and then kick their asses.
  • Build a solid writing process that works for you, not against you.
  • Four (4) one-hour sessions with me + unlimited email access and unlimited editing.
  • Receive a complimentary copy of THE Guide.

It’s about the power of words – yours.

The seductive thrill of language – yours.

Ways to connect with readers – yours.

See the theme? YOU.

Let’s do this.









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