Fear has killed more writers than anything else. Don’t be one of them.

In January, I asked myself some hard questions about life and business – and where I wanted both to go this year. I made a short list and a rough outline of what this place was going to look like in 12 months. (I didn’t plan on orange. It just happened.) By March, I was elbow-deep.

Since then, I’ve edited 21 novels, 18 short stories, one non-fiction book, a script, and a slew of random blog posts, query letters and synopses. I also worked with almost two dozen writers in my private coaching, “Write Raw.” (More about that in a minute.) Oh, and I wrote my own #1 Amazon Bestseller, THE Guide.

On top of that, from May to August, 18 writers came here to complete or jump-start works in progress in our 4-week summer classes. In the fall, five more authors finished new books inside 10 weeks – from Page One to The End – in our Writing Mastermind. (I haven’t even mentioned the amazing writers Ranee Dillon worked with on plot and structure.)

Not bad for a chick whose anxiety was so off-the-charts a couple years ago, she couldn’t go to the grocery store without a panic attack.

I didn’t plan on this kind of success when I launched. All I knew was I had my own story to share – journalist, editor, author, mother and wife with PTSD and panic disorder – and because of it, I could help people ditch their fear and write.

Now, I’m plotting for 2014. It’s diabolical.

Anyway, back to you.

Here’s my question: what are you doing – right now, today – to make sure your writing goals will be met?

Cause if you don’t have a plan, all you have is a dream. Do you really want to let another year go by without finishing the book you’ve been talking about forever?

The world is overloaded with people who have a story to tell. And each of those stories is as finite and unique as the person who thought it up. They are rich with detail, delicate and dark in all the right places. They are meaningful, full of power and conviction. These stories inspire people to do great things.

YOUR story, the one you’ve been dreaming about telling for years, is inside you – waiting to change someone’s life.

How do I know? Because my own story changed the lives of hundreds of writers and readers this year. No one could be more surprised than me.

Every time you crack open your chest a little wider and reveal another piece of yourself, someone somewhere else nods her head or breathes the deepest sigh of relief. You’re telling her she’s not alone.

I believe that’s all any of us want.

So here’s what I’ve got. That private writer coaching? It’s a 4-week shindig to get your words flowing like never before. I help you take the shit in your head, put it on the page and rearrange it until it’s blindingly awesome. I have five (5) slots available for $299. Sorry. Sold out. Note: That fee is $400 less than my normal rate and, therefore, trés, TRÉS temporary.

Why? Because it’s Christmas. Because you have a fucking story to tell. Because you and your story are important, and you owe it to the world to share your gift. Because fear has no place in writing.

And I’m going to prove it to you – and help you prove it to yourself.

Go here to see what you can do inside a month.

The first five (5) people who signup get the discount. After that, we go back to our regularly scheduled rate.

I can’t wait to show you what’s coming in 2014. Just remember . . .


Don’t be one of them.


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