The most powerful thing you’re not doing for your business

Why is something so seemingly simple – believing in yourself – the most difficult for most of us?

Because we live in a world where we’re taught to be humble, to be appreciative of others and value ourselves for what we’ve done — but not what we’re destined to do.

All of that can hinder our ability to truly tap into our potential. Instead, we end up avoiding the limelight, in fear we’ll be seen as selfish or boastful.

I don’t exactly know where the line is between being too proud and being proud enough, but most of us never get close to it.

We don’t give ourselves the chance to celebrate our own successes.

And because of that, we don’t believe in ourselves enough.

  • Staying in a job you hate because you’re not sure you can hack it as an entrepreneur.
  • Feeling bad about taking time to do something for yourself, instead of only devoting time to your family. It’s not really that big of a deal to take a shower instead of that bath you’ve been dreaming of for weeks. It can wait, right?
  • Wearing cheap shoes to avoid judgment from people in your life who knew you before your income increased.

These are ways we show we’re uncomfortable with earning, with our potential and ourselves.

It’s really fucking hard to do well in business when you carry these negative beliefs. If you don’t believe you’re special – that you can do something no one else can – why the hell would anyone want to do business with you?

So let’s get comfortable with success and dreams.

Once you do, you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of reaching in your career and your personal life.

Start by making a list of times you were stronger than you imagined you could be. On the same page, write when you were more successful than you ever dreamed. When did you reach your goals?

Next, write two times you failed, and then picked your sweet ass up and carried on.

Detail the biggest compliment you’ve ever received. What three skills are you most proud of?

On a second sheet of paper, write every self-doubt you have.

Once you’re done, hang the positive moments somewhere you will see them daily.

Read them. Every. Damn. Day.

And burn the page with all the negative beliefs. Really. Burn it.

Release your fears, your sadness, your insecurities and self-doubt. Giving yourself permission to rid yourself of negativity will set you free to focus on what you’re doing well.

And when you know what you’re worth, so will your clients.

• • •

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