What are you lying to yourself about?

I can’t remember the last time I vacuumed. No, I don’t have a housekeeper. What I have is a dirty house. And an empty refrigerator. And a towering pile of laundry.

Because I’ve put everything I have into building this business for more than a year. In December, I drew a line: I said I wouldn’t work weekends anymore. I’d actually spend time with my family. And sometimes, I pull that off.

But mostly, I’m fucking swamped, exhausted and over-committed. (No joke. Stop by and take a look around here. You’d be horrified.) momisworking

Thirteen months ago, I was a new face in an internet sea of editing professionals and writing coaches. I wasn’t as confident in my skills as I should have been. YOU have shown me I’m better than I realized. And I will be forever grateful.

It’s not popular to brag about your abilities. I’m saying it anyway: I am fucking great at what I do. And I love helping writers unveil their incredible talent.

Every day, I tell people to give themselves permission to say what they need to say, in whatever way they need to say it. I push them to write what feels good, empowering, honest – true to them. I encourage them to stare fear down and write anyway.

Meanwhile, I’m doing the exact opposite: bending over backward, over-delivering and underpaying myself. I’ve been afraid to raise my rates.

Hypocrite much?

No more.

Effective March 1, 2014, my editing rates are doubling. Coaching and consulting rates will stay the same.

I launched this place to help writers write. To make your words better. And to make more time for me and my family.

So here’s how it’s going down. If you’re a previous client, you can grab my 2013 editing rate for a project of your choice – if you book before March 1st, 2014, even if the start date isn’t until later in the year.

Booking means confirming whatever month you plan on having your work ready for editing, signing a contract with that ballpark date, and leaving a deposit.

I seriously fucking adore each of you. You have helped make this the go-to place for writing tips of the sexy and unusual variety, as well as kickass editing. I can’t wait to help more of you make YOUR writing dreams come to life.

Whatever you’re afraid of, we’ll tackle it together and get your words on the page. It’s my specialty. And I’m not afraid to say it anymore.


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  1. Beth
    Beth says:

    You have to be strong, and I’ve loved your blog posts and your writing advice here. At the same time, that’s a scary number, and part of me wonders if my writing is better than that price tag. Hard to pay that much when your writing is fucking awesome. 😀 😀

    ….okay, do I get brownie points for that?


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