15 posts to get your ass in gear – and writing

I don’t know a writer alive who doesn’t need inspiration. Here’s a roundup of epic writerly shit to get your ass in gear.


Show. Don’t tell. 

9 Ways to Make Your Editor Love You

Feeling like a failure is normal

How to write when you don’t have time

No Fuckery Allowed. Write on your terms.

Top three reasons writers give up

Train your brain to write better

We don’t need help in the Oh-My-God-I-Suck Department

When you push past the bullshit

How Science Can Help You Become a Better Writer

Our only task as writers is to tell the truth

The evil secret to all writing: editing is everything

How to find the editor of your dreams

5 Brutal Truths About Book Marketing

Building suspense the WRONG way

“Don’t ever tell a story like it wasn’t about you.” – Merritt Malloy