When you push past the bullshit

Confused, overwhelmed, exhausted. Frustrated, resentful, burned out. Unsure, hesitant, sacred shitless… blocked.

Feelings we experience when we step up and go for it.

Yes, everyone.

No, it’s not permanent.

Hustle through it. Or cry, whine, beg and pray through it. Either way, it will pass. And once it does, you’ll find confidence, inspiration, excitement, and a bunch of other awe-inspiring shit. Don’t take my word for it, though.

Check out what these incredibly courageous writers have to say about getting down and dirty with me, cutting through the bullshit, and blissfully writing on their own terms. <– click-click.

Oh, and they have a message for you, too: Anyone can do it.

What did they learn?

If you want your work to be noticed, you have to use words that get noticed. That doesn’t mean swearing (that would be me). It means being you. It means writing without hedging. It means every time you think, Oh my God, I can’t say that, you better motherf*cking say it.

Take off the goddamn tie and nylons, break out your best black lace thong and let it all hang out.

And then you might think … But that doesn’t feel like business.

I know. Thank the gods. If it felt like business, you wouldn’t be opening up and connecting with people. And if you don’t open up and connect, if you aren’t vulnerable, your readers aren’t going to give a shit about what you say.

You have to wade through the fear to get to the good stuff.

You have to show people who you are and why they should care. Otherwise, your just one of a billion or so writers without a message that stands out. Rather than the author who throws her guts on the page and makes her words sing.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a little fear any day of the week if it leads to something lasting for my readers. To know that every time I crack open my chest and put it on the page, someone says, ‘Oh, it’s not just me?’ That’s success by any measure.

So, show some skin. Strip your words down to what your gut says is true. But first, check out what other writers have to say about it.

• • •

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