No one can write the story like you

So I wrote this post about fear last week, and my inbox sort of blew up. For days, notes arrived with thanks for the inspiration, for getting real. And it got me thinking. We all experience moments of terror and confusion. This seems to ring particularly true with writing. So what gives?

Something about seeing our vulnerability on the page can be paralyzing. Our words and thoughts take on more meaning when they’re staring back at us – when they are no longer in our head where only we can see them. Then we get critical. We think we suck. We’re sure we will never pen a thing worth reading.

It’s so easy to get deflated.

But that’s the sort of self-talk that creates writers’ block. It’s also why some people never fulfill their lifelong dream of writing. We have expectations of how things should turn out, and if we can’t be awesome out of the gate, we pull the plug. Writing is hard work. Why start if we think we won’t be any good?

I could give you some happy horse-shit about having one life. I could remind you that anything left undone on the day you’re buried is a criminal waste of time. But you already know that. And it’s cliche. (And I hate cliches.)

So here’s my point:

If you have a burning desire to write, then write.

If you think you cannot do it, you’re wrong.

If you think it’s unrealistic, you’re wrong.

If you think it will be scary, you’re right.

If you’re willing to go after what you want in spite of that fear …

If want to go out knowing that you did everything you could …

you’re in the right place.

“No one else can write the story like you.”

– Michael Xavier

• • •

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