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Happy New Year!

I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions for 2018, where we run wild with optimism: “This year I’m not screwing around,” fist raised high in the air.

And I realized my personal anti-resolution might help you keep yours.

I don’t believe in resolutions, for many reasons I won’t bore you with. But I DO believe in incremental daily change.

So, my anti-resolution looks like this: Make a daily, deliberate choice to be more present…

Notice five things I’m grateful for
Take a deep breath before speaking
Do something I’ve never done before
Organize my desk
Dole out five honest compliments (including to ME)
Look on the bright side
Expect the best, no matter what, all day

I love these exercises because we only take one day at a time, which is the key to fending off overwhelm and actually sticking to things.

You can do anything for one day.

You can even set an intention for a specific moment, like walking into a room. (I intend to go slowly and take it all in.) Or visiting a grouchy relative. (I intend to have compassion for my aunt who has had a hard life.)

If your resolution is to make more money, set an intention to do something that scares the crap out of you, to push you toward your financial goal today.

Daily intentions are extremely powerful — and super simple because they break things down into manageable chunks and make things fun.

We have countless things all around us in every moment where we can choose to be amazed, grateful, excited and in love.

All we have to do is remember to pay attention.

With so much love,


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