Space To Make Change

The start of a new year is always a good time for setting intentions and mapping out ideas.

But so many of us struggle with the details of what we want…

Chocolate or vanilla?

Mercedes or BMW?

The Hamptons or Monaco?

So here’s one of my favorite hacks to help you get to the bottom of exactly what you want, in finite detail.

Start by figuring out what you DON’T want.

I love reverse engineering.

If you can nail what you don’t want, it will eventually take you the end goal: figuring out what you DO want. Simple elimination, right?

And I’m not sure if you noticed, but we had a BIG ASS full moon on Jan. 2, which happened to be all about reflection.

So my question is this: As you step into the new year, are you looking at what you want to discard in order to make space for the new?

Because the things that no longer serve us — beliefs, people, events and activities — can actually hold us back from becoming the best version of ourselves.

We can’t pick up the new if our hands are full of the old.

So it’s time to reflect…

As you look at last year, consider the behaviors, thoughts or actions you could have lived without. What didn’t get you where or what you wanted?

Think about people, places and things that got in the way of you being the best you could be. And as we dive into 2018, take a meaningful look at how you’ll eliminate that crap to step into the highest version of you.

Maybe 2017 was about creating new connections who helped your business, but detracted from your need to go inward and recharge.

Maybe you’ve said for years that you don’t want to see family during the holidays, but you always end up relenting because of “guilt.”

Maybe you stepped into big money-making, but at the expense of self-care.

It’s time to examine what you need to release in order to take better care of you. Because YOU are your business.

Quite a few clients recently mentioned that during the week leading up to Christmas and the new year, they felt weepy, irritated or just off.

I think the pending full moon gave us all a push to get rid of whatever was draining us — in the name of making space for our true beauty and ability.

So email me at and let me know…

What are you committed to stop wasting your time with? 

And let’s not forget to toss in a healthy dose of self-forgiveness and compassion. There’s no sense in examining the past and then beating on yourself for mistakes. We ALL make them.

Instead, ask yourself:

What beliefs can I discard? 

What patterns can I break? 

What no longer stands in the way of my desire to be, do and have what I know I deserve?

Happy 2018!

All my love,


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