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Essential Oils For The Full Moon

The next Full Moon will be Oct. 1 – and oh, HELL YES, I am pumped.

This will be the first of two full moons for October. The second arrives on Halloween, Oct. 31, which also makes it a Blue Moon.

This is an energetic time in the lunar calendar, to put it mildly.

Both autumn and full moons represent a beautiful opportunity to go deep within ourselves and do some housekeeping. Maybe some mindset work you’ve been putting off… A nagging thing (block, limiting belief, behavior pattern) you know is not serving you?

Full moons are all about cleaning and clearing energies, beliefs, behaviors, relationships, jobs and more. Anything in the way of our expansion needs to go. And under a full moon is a great time to let go. It is also a super powerful time to allow in your deepest manifestations.

Essential oils can have a powerful healing effect, too, which is even more amplified in energetic times like a full moon.

Using them in your full moon ritual, your daily meditation or even your everyday home is a game-changer.

Essential oils for a full a moon

NOTE: Below is meant to be guidance ONLY, especially if you’re new to oils or dabbling with them. If there are oils you enjoy that are not on this list, USE THEM.


Lemongrass is known for its powerful energetic cleansing ability. It encourages us to let go of things we no longer need, perfect for the energy of the full moon. It invites us to easily let go of old, limiting beliefs, toxic energies and general negativity that can hold us back.

Lemongrass is an uplifting citrus oil, which makes it ideal for helping us tune into what energies no longer match our high vibes. It helps clear away negative energy from our third eye chakra too. As you let go of stagnant energy, you can begin to see situations with greater clarity and energy starts to flow more freely.

How to Use Lemongrass:

  • Add a few drops to your diffuser or a drop to the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale.
    Add a diluted drop (with a carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil) to your third eye or the bottoms of your feet. If there is a part of your body where you feel energy is stuck, add a drop there as well.
  • Lemongrass can also clear energy around your house. Add a few drops to water and spritz any room to clear the air.


Considered food for the gods, Frankincense is used for purification, meditation, protection, and spiritual understanding. It invites us to let go of lower vibes and allow room for more positive energy. It helps create new perspectives based on light and truth. It has the ability to assist in pulling the barriers from the mind and the walls from the heart.

Frankincense is also known for enhancing practices of prayer and meditation, a great addition to your Full Moon ritual. This oil opens the spiritual channels and allows you to connect with yourself and with source.

How to Use Frankincense

  • Inhale from the bottle or add a few drops to a diffuser.
  • Apply 1-3 diluted drops to the crown of the head, the forehead and behind the ears.
  • Like Lemongrass, you can add a few drops to a spray bottle and mist around the home.


Thyme is one of the most powerful cleansing oils for the emotional body and helps to bring to the surface trapped feelings and emotions. It reaches deep into the body, the soul, searching for unresolved and stuck energy. Once it removes blocks, Thyme leaves the heart wide open to both give and receive love and offer forgiveness.

How to Use Thyme

  • Apply a few diluted drops to the chest, over the sacral chakra (lower stomach), and/or to the bottom of the feet. Note: Thyme can be irritating to the skin. Use sparingly and do a skin test first.
  • In a diffuser.


Ancestral healing is always a theme with my clients. White Fir helps to address patterns, traditions and behaviors that are passed down through our lineage. Unearthing negative ancestral patterns and blocks allows us to deal with them and put them to rest. By adding a simple mantra like “It ends with me” into your mediation while envisioning a room full of your family can be a very powerful healing meditation.

How to Use White Fir

  • Add a drop on the palm of your hand, rub together and breathe in as you meditate.
  • Apply 3-5 diluted drops to your chest or the bottom of your feet.


Cypress is a powerful oil that creates energetic and emotional flow. Stagnant energies start to MOVE.

Cypress teaches the soul how to let go of the past and move with the flow of life. It is about allowing versus resisting. If you have a hard time letting go of control, this is the oil for you. It encourages us to let go of fear and put worries aside.

How to Use Cypress

  • Add a few drops to your diffuser.
  • Trace a few diluted drops along the spin or the bottom of your feet.

Almost all of these oils are used inside Witchy Women Candles and Oils. So if you’re not a fan of the oils by themselves (they can be too strong for many), check out our products. We layer scents and healing properties of multiple herbs and oils to create a one-of-a-kind product that supports your magical journey. All ingredients are listed on each product.

How to Dress a Candle

Candle magic is one of the easiest and powerful methods to use. Whether it’s to call in money, love, protection or health, candles give us an extra boost to be successful.

Prepping or charging candles can be as simple or intricate as you want. Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to dress your candles.

1- Set Your Intentions

This is the most overlooked, yet the most important step. When setting your intention, be very clear about what you want. Don’t say, “I want a new job.” Do say, “I will get a job in accounting by year’s end and I will make $65k with benefits, and a great vacation package.”

2 – Pick Your Candle

The candle you choose is just as important as the spell itself. Different colors bring different energy to your rituals. For example,  red candles are typically used for love and sex spells. Green candles are used for money rituals.

3 – Cleanse Your Candle

DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. A candle, like any object, absorbs energy it comes in contact with. Cleansing helps remove all energies the candle has picked up. While you are cleansing the candle, focus on your end goal and ask for guidance.

There are many ways to cleanse a candle. All methods clean effectively so pick the one that works for you. You can:

  • Wave sage or incense smoke over your candle with a feather or by hand.
  • Bury it in sea salt and wait 24 hours.
  • Leave it outside at night (any moon phase is fine).
  • Rub alcohol or holy water on it.

4 – Dress Your Candle

Anointing, or dressing, your candle in oil will help your spell align with your goal. To increase your magic, make sure you clearly state your intention again while anointing your candle.

  • If you want to BRING in something new into your life, rub oil from top to middle then from bottom to middle.
  • If you want to LET GO of something, rub oil from the middle outward to the top and bottom.

Using a combination of oils and herbs will only increase the success of your spells. Our Money Drawing Powder and Rich B*tch Oil, for example, will help with prosperity spells. Banishing Oil and Powder help with explain negativity, and keeping it away.

5 – Carving Your Candle (optional)

This can be a fun and creative way to personalize your candle. There’s no wrong or right way to do this, so trust your instincts and go for it. Think about symbols, mantras, drawings or names that correspond with your goal. For example, if you are looking to attract a new lover, inscribe the qualities you are looking for onto the candle. If you are doing a money spell, carve a dollar sign or how much you want to earn.

If you don’t feel comfortable carving your candle, you can write all of the above onto a parchment paper and place it under the candle.

6 – Sprinkle Your Candle

In addition to using powders on a candle, you can create a circle around your candle. Just pick a powder that matches your goal.

If you haven’t checked out the Witchy Women Magic Shoppe yet, what are you waiting for? Whether you are just beginning your journey into witchery or are already a seasoned pro, we’re sure you’ll love what we have to offer.

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