Writing is f*cking fabulous. So are you.

How about a little fanfare?

Drum roll. Applause. Oohs and ahhs.

Welcome to the all new RebeccaTDickson.com. It’s fucking fabulous.

And orange.

I could have thrown in some green to make it retro and trendy. But frankly, you know I’m not interested in what’s popular.

Anyway, here’s what we got: Social media icons are at the top of the sidebar on the right. Use them to find me anywhere on the interwebz. Under that is the über-sexy subscribe box. Like you know someone else who has a bitch in back-seam stockings on her blog? It’s so me.

Below that, you’ll see a pretty little purple and orange box that refers to you as “gorgeous.” Because you are. And because you need a quick way to find the deets about working with the crazy sexy editor. (Note that “crazy sexy” has no comma because I’m not crazy – entirely – just so sexy that it’s crazy.) Whatever. Quit procrastinating and click it so we can do epic shit.

Last in the sidebar is a box that proudly says, “Everything you learned in school about writing was crap.” Click that sucker to get the nitty-gritty on my new writing book. It untangles the creative process and gets your words flowing NOW. Assuming you want to write better, which isn’t much of a stretch considering you’re here. Go check it out.

All the links at the very top and bottom of the page are the same as on the old site. Who I am, what I write, how to work with me, blah, blah, blah. If you want to go to the home page from anywhere, just click somewhere on the banner at the top. On Wonder Woman’s face, for example.

Why a site redesign? Because I wanted something as loud and bold as me. Why Wonder Woman? Duh.

As my former co-workers at the paper would say, “Tiny Fury lives.” I’m tiny. I’m a whirlwind. It fits.

So, yeah. Here it is. I hope you love it or hate it. Anything but a neutral reaction.

That’s all I’ve got… aside from towering stacks of manuscripts to edit and writers three-deep in line for their daily ass-kicking. (Oh, and I’ll have an announcement about that later this week, too. The good shite going on over here amazes me.)

Meantime, if you want to say it like you mean it, hit me up.

As always, I thank you deeply and wholeheartedly for your audacious faith in me. Nothing beats waking up every day to do what you love. YOU make this possible.

You can’t see me, but I’m totally doing a happy dance.


P.S. If you need a web demigod of your own, Mark Marshall is all that and a side of “Fuck, yeah.” (With two fingers of Grey Goose. Cranberry optional.)


Want more? Subscribe in the upper right hand corner and grab my free book A Writer’s Voice, designed to help you write like YOU. So you can say what you want to say, how you want to say it – and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks (and quit writing like a pretentious asshat). It matters.

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