Top three reasons writers give up

1 – They value everyone else’s time more than their own. An endless list of daily responsibilities takes precedence.

2 – Their paying gig eats most of their days away, leaving little oomph to pursue their writing.

3 – They think they aren’t good enough.

And all three of those bullshit excuses translate to the same thing: They don’t trust their dream.

If you’re one of those writers, if you’ve lost faith in your ability to tell your story, then we need to chat. Now.

We all get tired, overwhelmed, cranky. We all beat the crap out of ourselves, spend too much time thinking we suck and that other people need us more than we need to write. That this silly dream we have of finishing a book, story, poem, even blog post, isn’t worth missing moments with our kids, spouses, friends.

That’s crap.

Speaking as a parent, what the hell am I teaching my kids about pursuing their dreams if I don’t make time to follow my own? What message do I send about respecting boundaries if I am always available for family and friends and never make time for me? And how else am I going to find out how good I really am if I don’t sit down, shut the fuck up and write?

Rhetorical questions. You get the point.

If you want to write – if you need to write – then please, for the love of all things alcoholic and caffeinated, WRITE.

I want to finish the book I started four years ago, but I’m not sure I have the time now that I have kids.

I write for business every day, but I want to tackle creative writing. I’ve had a story in my head for as long as I can remember. But my job is so stressful, I’m afraid I won’t have the stamina to finish what I start.

I have a great idea for a novella and no clue where to begin, or if it’s even worth bothering.

I get messages like these every day. My response is always the same: Life is about choices.

Every time you choose to do something other than write – something other than follow your passion – you’re saying your work, feelings, hopes are not valuable. Is that what you believe?

Yeah, I get the whole Mom, Wife, Employee, Daughter routine. I live it, too. And I’m proud to say that my oldest (now a teenager) wrote a comic book in second grade and sold copies to his friends for 25 cents. My youngest (10) just finished his first book, which he calls “a series of narrative essays on his life.” And when my very first front page story came out back when I was a reporter, my husband actually cried he was so fucking proud.

No shit, y’all.

So get off your ass – if not for yourself, for everyone else who looks up to you and cares about you. Show them how grownups take the world by the balls. Because you will never have the time to write if you don’t make the time.

And while I have your attention

You know my little Write Raw program? The one where I spend a month helping you bring power and clarity to your voice so you can completely kickass for the rest of your writing life? That sucker goes for $499. And oh-my-fucking-GAWD, that ain’t cheap. I know this.

$499 is, in fact, a pile o’ money.

It’s slightly more than the cost of an XBOX 360. Slightly less than new Nikon camera. And the same price as 3,000 marshmallow peeps. (Yes, I checked.)

It’s also roughly half the price of a 60-inch HD TV, and the same amount as the couch you’d plant your ass on to watch it – instead of following your fucking dream and writing. Oh, and it’s less than the cost of one night with a high-end escort.

What’s your writing – your dream – worth to you?

• • •

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15 replies
  1. Maggie Amada
    Maggie Amada says:

    Rebecca, thank you. I needed to read this. It’s been a bad week in terms of writing. I pretty much sucked at everything except work (and I took two days off of that). So, back to writing and pursuing my dreams. TTYL. 🙂

  2. Kellie Elmore
    Kellie Elmore says:

    Well damn! Okay then. lol! You made me feel like I was in the front pew at church and the preacher was pointing at me…I’m sweating bullets! I GOT THE MESSAGE! I’m repenting and picking up my pen! lmao!

  3. Annie
    Annie says:

    OMG … what serendipity … found this post trough a friends tweet … just what I needed right now. You know the Universe is in your face saying “Do IT now” when everywhere you turn you see an excuse falling to the way side and leaving you wide open to get that book started!!!


  4. sahealey
    sahealey says:

    Absolutely hilarious! And I have used each and every one of those excuses many times over! Luckily I woke up, smelled the coffee, and am now half way thorough writing my first book 🙂

  5. Steve Holak
    Steve Holak says:

    Coming late to this party, but . . . Beckster. You’ve engergized me. Given us hope. I’m getting my fucking ass up off the couch, I mean . . .

    *I had no idea* that high-end escorts were so *cheap*!


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