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Mindset is sexy

Back in the day when I was broke, stuck and miserable, all I did was talk about how broke, stuck and miserable I was. And yes, I was pissed off about it.

One of the most important things I did to get from where I was then to where I am now was to notice – and change – my way of doing things.

For example, some of my shitty habits were:

•   Constantly whining about how much my life sucked

•   Doing the same things and hoping for different results (working harder and harder, praying someone would notice I was worth more and offer to give me extra money – or tell me I needed to charge more)

•   Believing it was impossible to make real money doing what I loved, being jealous of wealthy people, assuming if I wanted to get rich I’d have to do stuff I hate, and more.

When I made the decision to change my life, the first thing I did was change my thinking. 

•   I switched from whining about my life to being grateful for what I had – and to expecting more amazing things.

•   I did things differently (hired a coach, dove into studying mindset and applying it every day, hanging out with successful people, and more).

•   I got control of what I chose to focus on.

I was diligent every damn day about monitoring my thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.

You can’t just hope your life will change.
You have to make it happen.

And I want to help you do just that.

For a limited time, you can join us in MORE, my private membership community crammed full of my best advice around mindset, reclaiming your life, stepping into the very best version of you and making money in your business.

2018 can be your year of true self-love and abundance. Join us inside MORE and strut into the new year with your mindset in a beautiful place.


Set yourself on fire

No bullshit, I’ve been talking about MORE a lot lately.

It’s just that I’m hot for it.

MORE is about getting to the core, the root, the cause of your blocks, pouring gasoline on them and striking a match.

That’s right, I want you on fire, too.

For whatever it is you secretly dream about but assume is unavailable to you.

Because you will finally know what it feels like to have it.

And stop apologizing.

To know who you are when you’re truly living the life you desire.

To be fully yourself.

And own every room you walk into without exhausting yourself with chasing, hustling, and wanting.

Ready for the flames?

MORE is my membership community, where I combine my own work with that of a team of incredible coaches and mentors to provide lessons, tools and tricks on how to finally let go of the YOU that you think everyone wants you to be. So you can be the YOU you are destined (and deserve) to be.

That was my mouthful way of saying: fuck what everyone else thinks.

THAT is what you deserve, no matter how impossible you think it is. And THAT is what we work toward in MORE.

This is high-level mindset work combined with RTT — precisely what I do best. No one delivers this exact combination like me. And no one does it better.

This is about claiming what already belongs to you, babe.

It’s about uprooting the belief that hard work is mandatory for you to deserve something.

Together, we’ll wave goodbye to old patterns and stories that get in our way and slow us down.

MORE is life changing work.
Here’s what it’s like inside:

  • Each week, you receive a new training on how to open up to receive, attract clients, cash, love and more
  • Anytime you need me, tag me in a post inside that group for support and guidance
  • Each month, I do a LIVE group RTT session to help you heal your blocks permanently
  • You also have access to my team of coaches — who were hand-picked and trained by me personally — for 1/3 the normal rate $500 (versus $1500) to keep you on track and give you extra support when needed
  • AND you receive access to a bank of pre-recorded RTT therapies for everything from weight loss to wealth wiring, from instilling confidence in yourself to freedom from anxiety

As soon as you begin, you’ll notice profound shifts in your thinking and the amount of shit you’ll tolerate.

You will own your power and realize you actually run the show.

Daily annoyances will dissolve.

People not on board with the new you will fall away without you even trying.

Your energy will shift dramatically.

Your belief in yourself will go sky high.

And as everything shifts, you grow more, elevating what you want, stepping into that woman — and loving it.

So, what are you waiting for, gorgeous?

The party has started and there are no awards for showing up fashionably late.

Join me. We’ll get all Katniss Everdeen or sing Alicia Keys (or both), whichever you prefer.

Find out more and sign up here.

Can’t wait to see you inside.