The first time I realized I was not stuck, I had a meltdown.

Yes, you read that right.

I’d love to tell you that discovering I had all the power was sunshine and unicorns. I’d love to say it was pure motivation to change, to embrace what was available to me.

What really happened? I beat the shit out of myself for not figuring it out sooner.

It was a total mind fuck that culminated with me hiding in bed for a week (or more), feeling pathetic, convinced I’d ruined my life. I’d wasted decades. I was a loser.

I was 41, running a business that barely eked by, scraping change from the sofa cushions for groceries. My husband wanted me to get a job. I was committed to a life of MORE.

So the self-pity got old after day six or so. And then I started thinking about what I could do with this new information. What was actually possible and no longer a pipe dream. What was available to me — and every other woman on the planet (because we all feel these feelings at some point, whether or not we want to admit it).

And here we are…

Four years later, I have a multiple 7-figure empire, I’m married to the love of my life, only doing work that THRILLS me and changing lives every day. I have the privilege of filling women all over the world with confidence. I get to teach people how to HAVE the things they used to dream about.

Why should you care?

What I figured out, what I eventually embraced and became known for, is available to you right now. You can have MORE, whatever that looks like for you.

Superstar Career and thriving business.

Step One: Admit that the things you want are available to you.

Step Two: Trust and believe, especially when it’s uncomfortable or when reality flies in the face of those beliefs.

Step Three: Get some fucking support.

What will it take for you to understand once and for all, with utter conviction and clarity, that the things you want also want you?

What has to happen for you to step into being that woman right now?

The secret I unearthed that day, the one that shook me — and took me to bed?

You have all the power. You always did. And you certainly always will.

I know with every fiber of my being that struggle and hardship are optional. You choose how to interpret events and circumstances. The meaning you ascribe to them is all up to you.

The beauty of that truth is you create new experiences and choose how to feel every second of every day.

And when you feel good? You do what’s good for you.

With authority, certainty, strength, calmness and belief. All the things I know you WANT to feel every day.

Receiving MORE, being MORE, doing MORE comes from inside.

Tapping into that is what creates miracles for me every day. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s stress-free and affirming.

Who doesn’t want that?

Who doesn’t want to know they are in the right place at the right time, experiencing the right thing? That it’s impossible to do anything wrong? That there’s no need to judge or criticize themselves or ever worry what other people think because everything is happening as it should?

Oh, and that once you accept all that, you receive infinitely MORE from the Universe?

Here’s the secret: When you dislike yourself, criticize yourself, think you’re not doing enough, you send a message that you aren’t good enough. You have to work harder. You have to try harder. You have to become someone you aren’t. (Read that again.)

And isn’t that false logic? From where I sit (having gone through exactly that for four decades), it’s a massive lie that pins us — stuck — to where we do not want to be.

If you’re still reading, then I know you’re ready to let that go.

It’s time for MORE. And it doesn’t involve stress, sweat, hustle or shame.

This is about understanding you are perfect. Good things want to come to you. And you can attract them — and keep them — any time you want.

We’re not just talking about basic manifesting here. Mindset, subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs all come into play.

But when you don’t understand what you are doing to yourself, how your own beliefs are stifling you, it’s impossible to effect real and lasting change.

It’s time for MORE. Because freedom is priceless. And you have the key inside you right now.

MORE is my new program, a monthly membership for women who want off the hamster wheel. Who want to create the life they love, have amazing and deep relationships, earn money with ease and FEEL AMAZING.

Here’s what MORE looks like:

  • Each week, I release a new training in the membership site on how to open up to receive, attract clients, cash, love and more
  • Any time you need me, tag me in a post inside that group for support and guidance
  • Each month, I host a LIVE group call via Zoom to answer any questions
  • You also have access to my team of coaches — who were hand-picked and trained by me personally — for 1/3 the normal rate $500 (versus $1500) to keep you on track and give you extra support when needed
  • AND you receive access to a bank of pre-recorded RTT therapies for everything from weight loss to wealth wiring, from instilling confidence in yourself to freedom from anxiety

And let me be frank: This is not a simple weekly exercise you receive and then blow off. You don’t do it “a little bit” and then move on.

Once you start, you will notice PROFOUND shifts in your thinking, your level of awareness and in what you tolerate. You will realize in an instant that YOU are running the show.

Things that used to happen every day (and irritate you) will dissolve. People not on board with the new you will fall away without you even trying. Your energy will shift dramatically. Your belief in yourself will go sky high.

And as everything shifts, you grow more, elevating what you want, stepping into that woman — and loving it.

The only way I can describe it (having lived it and having helped many, MANY navigate it themselves) is it’s the beginning of an epic journey that can only end one way: With you firmly on top, taking no crap, putting your order in to the universe and sitting back KNOWING it’s about to arrive.

So what’s that look like?

What do you secretly dream about but assume is not available to you?
What would it feel like to HAVE it?
What would it feel like to stop apologizing?
Who are you when you arrive?
How do you behave?
How do you walk into a room?
What do you do when you’re not chasing goals, hustling and wanting?

This is about claiming what already belongs to you, babe. It’s about refusing to buy into the notion that hustle and sweat get the prize. (Because hustle might make you 6 figures, but it won’t make you 7.)

It’s about figuring out where in your life you learned that hard work was the only way to deserve something. And then blowing that up.

It’s about understanding we all have old patterns and stories inside us that no longer serve us and, in fact, are getting in the way of who we are meant to become. And then we cut those out too.

It’s about knowing we’re not children who need our parents’ approval anymore. Understanding we can give that to ourselves. (I’ll show you how.)

It’s about getting to the core, the root, the cause of the blocks, pouring gasoline on them and striking a match.

This is high-level mindset work combined with RTT — precisely what I do best. No one delivers this exact combination like me. And no one does it better.

It will change you forever. Full stop.

Sound like what you need? Ready to make waves and take no shit?

Just $197 a month? Yes, really.

OR $1497 for the year!

Be sure you scroll all the way down to see the bonuses.

Inside, we’ll talk about releasing shame and guilt. Letting go of judgement and criticism. And finally — BLISSFULLY — stepping into purpose and passion, ease and flow.

Here’s what happens inside MORE…

  • You’ll believe in yourself with unshakable confidence and conviction
  • You’ll begin taking steps that get you the things you want
  • You’ll get to the root of every issue, every block, every limit (real or imagined, inside or outside) and burn it
  • You’ll understand at a deep, core level you’re more than enough and you always were
  • You will fully embrace YOU
  • You’ll make quick decisions (like a boss) because you’ll trust yourself
  • You’ll find you always know what to say, how to say it, and how to sell
  • You’ll naturally take care of your body — food, rest, fun, LOVE
  • You’ll find you naturally deflect negative energy, low-vibe people and anything that used to divert you from your mission and the life you want
  • Comfort, certainty and strength will be your new normal
  • You’ll discover new strengths and talents and how to leverage the hell out of them
I could go on. But do I really need to?

Changing how you feel about yourself changes how the world shows up for you.

It’s time to stop playing and feeling second best. It’s time to claim what is yours and stand in your power.

We all need support, outside perspectives, friends who lift us up. That’s what this community is.

Imagine having a group of women behind you, all cheering you on. See them in your mind’s eye right now, reminding you that you are enough, you can have what you want, you are amazing. Every one of us has your back. We want you to succeed every bit as much as you want it. Because when one of us makes it, it paves the way and shows us possibilities.

One more time, here’s the low-down on MORE:

  • Each week, I release a new training in the membership site on how to open up to receive, attract clients, cash, love and more
  • Any time you need me, tag me in a post inside that group for support and guidance
  • Each month, I do a LIVE call via Zoom to answer any questions
  • You also have access to my team of coaches — who were hand-picked and trained by me personally — for 1/3 the normal rate $500 (versus $1500) to keep you on track and give you extra support when needed
  • AND you receive access to a bank of pre-recorded RTT therapies for everything from weight loss to wealth wiring, from instilling confidence in yourself to freedom from anxiety

So much MORE is always available to you. 

Are you seriously still waiting?

$197 a month OR

OR $1497 for the year!


MORE is for you if:
  • You’re committed to growing your business, but you feel overwhelmed and frustrated
  • You tend to put everyone else first, often at your own expense
  • You feel isolated, but enjoy working on your own
  • You understand being part of the right community helps you accomplish more than you ever could alone going it alone
  • You want to make a difference in the world
  • You’ve got a big vision, and you’re tired of feeling “behind”

I can’t wait to see you inside.


It is officially time to celebrate!!! Honoring this group and the tremendous support, sisterhood and training!
Becky!!!! 6 months ago I was struggling with self-worth, my money mindset and a shit ton of beliefs that didn’t serve me in my highest identity…and the insidious piece of it all was that I didn’t even SEE it! Yup…was clueless.
You shined a light!! No, fuck that…you were a LIGHT HOUSE in my storm!!
Today…I just signed a $125k contract with a client and WELL DAMN!!!! I’m celebrating!
Gratitude is an understatement!! You, and YES, and MORE and you girls…we’re in this together and it feels so freaking empowering – Dianne Sykes

I love the trainings from you with topics that seem to arrive just on time. I love the honest, thoughtful feedback that you give us when we need it. It is so valuable to see what other people are posting because even if it is just a shred, I can always relate. I love being a part of a community of powerful, successful women that are high-vibe, honest, genuine and have found a safe space to grow and be vulnerable. – Jami Principe

The women in this group are thoughtful when they respond. Seems like a more seasoned/mature group than many. I so appreciate your quick responses and everyone else’s responses on my posts. The trainings are amazing. I feel like I can share what’s really going on with me and receive feedback. Value from other people’s posts as well. – Susan Kennedy

I love being a part of MORE because it is a frequent reminder to turn off the chaos and focus on me. It’s the permission slip that allows the real me to stand up. It’s the direct feedback and perspective from Becky and the group of amazing women, who lovingly hold a mirror up to my beliefs so I can take a good hard look at them and decide if they’re worth keeping or not. And I love the weekly training that helps me to work through the things that are holding me back and develop positive habits that will pull me forward. – Heather Stephens

Forced to look within. Make change. Question the norm. Safe haven. I’m still a noob here but feel in such a short time I’m already looking at the world differently, despite all of my resistances. I’ve never considered myself ‘woo’. But I love the way you state things so LOGICALLY. I’d say that makes you really stand out to a nerd like me. – Katrina Hubbard

MORE programe is like morphosis but I call it MORE-PHOSIS from a people pleasing and self-forgetting to self-loving blissful bitch. You know that one friend you can call at 2am and you feel “saved” just because s(he)listens, gets you and says: “When?”, never “Why?”.

Well, in MORE you can literally write at 2am in the morning and someone is here who is on your frequency.
Becky created the basis for a sisterhood where we are free to be.
We get hugged, ass-kicked, questioned, called on our bull-shit, appreciated, valued, SEEN and HEARD.
No post is ignored, no question un-answered.

One time I posted a really nakedly vulnerable post and a big chat of many members happened and then when I woke up the next day, there was Becky saying “I could not stop thinking about this question and the thread which developed, so I decided to write and guide you all so more, because it is crucial for your progress.

In my “other” life online, I am the powerhouse. I am the electricity socket if you know what I mean and here, here I can be a turned-off light bulbs who gets turned on my other member’s honesty, vulnerabilty, insights, inspiration and shine upon my future with the ever glowing light. Need MORE proof MORE is for you? Then it is not for you coz by now you should not be reading anymore but writing down your credit card number, so Annie can get your dry Martini ready for the welcome party. – Lenja Faraguna

Incredible community of high-powered women who get it, lead by one of the most compassionate, invested, raw and real coaches who is walking her talk.

Each one of the women who shows up, real, vulnerable, open to share, and open to receive, is fully supported by those who have her back. Who truly care about her.

And that is all in addition to Becky’s trainings which, on their own, are invaluable if you’re looking for more… more ease, fulfillment, joy, and most importantly – freedom. – Sara Speicher

This is high-level work for a fraction of the price. The assignments are incredible, deep, and change the game if you really dive in and do them.

The women in here are amazing – what a sense of support and love for each other. Everyone in here WANTS to get better and change their lives. Seeing other people have breakthroughs and big moments is super motivating and a reminder to get off your own ass.

I’ve never seen a small group like this grow so fast in achievement and mindset. It’s pretty incredible. Less work IS the way! – Erin Monaghan

* IR


I love surprises. You?
Here’s a special bonus for women ready to go ALL IN right now.

You’ll automatically receive access to my bestselling 6-week program, Smash Your Goals.

This was one of my most wildly popular programs ever. And it’s designed to help you get the hell out of your own way and actually get what you want.

Only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions ever accomplish them.

Because they don’t have the skills to change their habits. Old ways of thinking, patterns and false stories keep them sidetracked.

I don’t believe in resolutions anyway. Because I believe you can accomplish any-fucking-thing you set your mind to.

And inside Smash Your Goals, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through the process of picking and ACHIEVING one big, hairy goal – in business, relationships, health, whatever – at a time. This is a repeatable process you can use forever, to achieve anything.

Here’s how it goes down:

Week 1: Your vision – If you don’t know what success looks like for you, how can you possibly identify goals that will lead you there?
Week 2: Your Goal – Pick a goal and start clearing the path to get it.
Week 3: Action, Action, Action – Crafting a step-by-step plan to get shit done.
Week 4: Mindset is the New Black – Want to overcome and reach the goal? Mindset is the answer.
Week 5: Productivity – All my tips, tricks and hacks to stay focused and keep on keepin’ on.
Week 6: Don’t Stop Now – Rinse, repeat and fucking RISE. Keep building on what you learning, achieved and planned. Momentum is everything.

I’m so excited to share this with you! 

So much MORE is always available to you. 

$197 a month OR 

OR $1497 for the year!

* IR


Access to my private workshop where I show you exactly how to raise your vibration, eliminate your blocks to receiving, and step into KNOWING you are good enough, you do deserve everything you want, and you can get it right now.

That old cliche, self-worth = net worth? Here’s where I break it down step by step.

We’ll talk about how self-doubt and self-flagellation keep your poor, how refusing to accept compliments or even affection block money and, most importantly, how doing more and more and more will never, EVER get you what you want.

This is an inside job.

Sign up now and grab your seat for this life-changing workshop that shows you how abundance is actually your natural state. Struggle and strife are totally optional – and you’re smarter than that.

All that for just $197 a month.

OR $1497 for the year!

Are you seriously still waiting?