Goddess School

Your altar is waiting.

The candles are lit.

All that’s missing is your sovereign ass draped across a high-backed ornamental chair (preferably velvet).

Your altar is waiting.

The candles are lit.

All that’s missing is your sovereign ass draped across a high-backed
ornamental chair (preferably velvet).

Why aren’t you there?

(All of the above is a metaphor for being an absolute powerhouse in business, earning top dollar and having more free time than ever before. This is not witchcraft.)

Let me guess…

∇  You’re tapped out energetically

∇  You don’t know how to do more without actually getting sick

∇  You’re not sure how to delegate or don’t trust people to do things you way

Let me assure you, less intelligent people than you are already doing it, and getting paid more too.

In fact, the world is full of people already doing what you do, half as well for twice the pay. And the sooner you realize that, the easier it will be to expand and get the support you need and deserve.

Welcome to GODDESS SCHOOL, where you go from entrepreneur to Divine Being.

It’s time to admit it:

You are the best at what you do.

You’re underpaid and overworked.

You’re ready to own your title and receive accordingly – and you expect the respect that comes with it.

The problem isn’t that you lack. It’s that you think you have to do it all alone.

Fuck. That.

Feral is the new black.

Forget wild or unleashed.

Lean into savage and tameless.

Our heads are full of endless stories about loss of control meaning loss of income.

Or crap about ‘no one can do it like me.’

Or, my favorite, ‘I’m completely exhausted with no time for myself and no idea how to do more to reach my goals.’

Your job as a creator and thought-leader is to assert your right to power, your right of choice.

Being unwilling to yield is how you claim your throne. But let’s not forget a Goddess has creatures to do her bidding, as does a queen.

The Goddess

Celestial beings simultaneously exist in the world of humans and on the edges, to choose to be in the world — but not of it.

By rejecting years of conditioning that urge us to dominate, work harder and harder (and harder), or frantically and frenetically give our all, we come back to wholeness. We stand in our power and back our voices with an energy so strong, they can smell it in the street. Ω

You have always held this power. It’s time to dare to hold confidence in yourself AND LEAN BACK.

Just as nature is sharp, so are we. And our right to invoke our power (to wield teeth and claws) comes with the claiming of the title Goddess.

It comes through being shaped and remade. Through the challenges we face by saying no, delegating like a mofo, facing our shadows, and navigating hard-won growth. 

Every step of the way awakens a stronger memory of the wildness that once defined you.

The Goddess is fully embodied, whole, autonomous and unapologetic as hell.

That’s where this mastermind comes in.

Introducing Goddess School: The #1 Mastermind for the Successful and Exhausted.

Introducing Goddess School: The #1 Mastermind for the Successful and Exhausted.

  • Bi-weekly trainings on psychology (repressed emotions), energetics, the strategy of team growth, mindset and magic with Becky (max 10 women) – $50,000
  • Monthly private call with Becky – $24,000
  • Unlimited access to Becky between calls for accountability – $30,000
  • Quarterly horse medicine and forest trainings – $10,000
  • Private Telegram Group 


∇ If you’re bags-under-eyes exhausted from over-delivering…

∇ If you feel like you’re flailing around like a sopping wet fish (great imagery, right?)…

∇ If you keep doing more and more (and more) and still can’t reach your goals…

∇ If your magical ass is desperate for a coven of women deadly serious about cashflow and autonomy…

Then sit up, look alive, and read every single word I’m about to say:

Rule #1: There’s absolutely, unequivocally, no reason why you shouldn’t be making what you want, when you want, without working yourself to death

How do I know? Because I’ve been a successful-as-fuck professional in this industry for quite some time now. And I’ve been where you are.

Highly successful, but oh-so-bloody tired and I unwilling to risk sabotaging what I’d worked hard for in order to try and figure out a new way.

I assumed that asking for what felt fair and reasonable felt, well, fair and reasonable. So how could I charge more? 

Then I quickly realized that running a business meant something really, really, really fucking important: I had to actually run it. 

Turns out, I couldn’t just sit around waiting for my team to grow, or for people to know how to best support me. I couldn’t just cross my fingers to get relief and expansion. I had to actually communicate and trust. 

I had to go balls-deep.

Having a business requires you trust yourself. Having a business that allows you to earn while not killing yourself means you have to deal with your shit.

Rule #2: You’re going to do a number of things you’ve never even thought of.

Will I share stuff in this mastermind about traditional business building, à la Twitter, email marketing, copywriting? Not unless you specifically ask for my opinion. That stuff is kinda important.

But it’s NOT what makes this mastermind, in particular, THE ONE that’s finally going to actually get you some of that titillating traction.

This mastermind is entirely different.

This is GODDESS SCHOOL, and here at GODDESS SCHOOL, we live and die by one very important detail that no one else teaches nor touches: 

How much you trust yourself and your willingness to feel your feelings determines how much you make, and how easy (or difficult) it will be.

Rule #3: You don’t have to spend the next year, two years, three years on the same path, which will likely end in illness or a breakdown.

You’re smart. That’s why you’re here. And you know that smart business people make smart as fuck deals.

In this case, you’re looking to make a deal with me: I’ll teach you everything I know (which has earned me over $225,000 a month and taken me years of hard work, major asshole mistakes and lots of my own money to learn), and in exchange, you’ll pay me to drastically reduce the learning curve – during which you’ll get everything I know in record time, making us both better for the transaction in the end.

In the biz, this is what they call a win-win. Or quite possibly a whiskey-worthy love affair.

You will also, most importantly, learn how to be unapologetically, unequivocally, unrelentingly YOU at all times. ←

And that might be the most critical thing anyone can ever learn anywhere.

GODDESS SCHOOL shows you how to live like a MF Goddess, obv.

Goddess School

We run year-round. That means we’re together for 12 months.

We meet twice a month as a group for at least one hour. One call per month for a new high-level training. One call for hot seat coaching and/or horse medicine.

You also get one-on-one office hours with me, personally, so you’ll never feel lost in the shitstorm.

Every day, you have the option to discuss that week’s training session & how it applies to your business with your Goddess School cohorts in a private Telegram group, where you can powwow, compare notes, figure out new strategies, and get hoards of support when you need it most.

Because doing it alone is not a strategy – it’s a dumbass rookie mistake.

And – are you ready for this – you’ll even get access to me 24/7 via Telegram. Get stuck? Reach out. Not sure what to do? Hit me up.

Becky in your back pocket. For real.

The Expert

I’m Rebecca T. Dickson, hardcore forest witch, success coach, nature lover, former award-winning journalist, and high profile money mindset expert – for women entrepreneurs who want to make money NOW, but not by selling themselves (or their souls) out.

With me, all skirts and all bets are officially off, starting right now, right on the money. Literally. We’re going to do this business of yours, and we’re going to do this the way it’s supposed to be done. (Your way. Duh.) Because I don’t have time for pussyfooting, and neither do you.

Because when you’re doing real business, there is no other way. Not when it’s very possible to do great fucking work AND make a great fucking living.

I created Goddess School – and, frankly, everything I do – because I know money is sexy as hell, BUT money alone cannot buy the same kind of fire that comes when you’re on a mutual mission with other people who give every single last and lasting fuck.

It’s that rare combination of sharp expertise, paired with the invigorating, unparalleled dynamics of the group setting, that make this place one for the books.

Oh, and by the way…

While this might seem like it’s all about money, money, money…

It isn’t just about making money.
It’s about making yourself.

Which is fucking beautiful because when you have plenty of money, you’re able to show up in this world like the person you really want to. And there’s nothing that should ever stop you from doing that.

Goblet. Candelabra. Fire flowing from your fingertips.

So my only question now is: Which will you choose? 

Stuck in a cycle of 20-hour work days or ornamental throne and a line of pool boys? 

The decision is yours. But you know what I’d pick.

Scroll down to apply.



Unlimited Support

Unlimited access to Becky via Telegram, and a private 1:1 call each month. Ask any questions, any time. Build the business you say you want so badly.

Group Training

High-level, interactive group trainings, specifically for women ready to lead their industry (or create a new one).

Private Community

Access to our private community of high-achieving women entrepreneurs striving to be their best.


Build relationships with members and create partnerships to bring your business to the next level.

  • Bi-weekly trainings on psychology (repressed emotions), energetics, the strategy of team growth, mindset and magic with Becky (max 10 women) – $50,000
  • Monthly private call with Becky – $24,000
  • Unlimited access to Becky between calls for accountability – $30,000
  • Quarterly horse medicine and forest trainings – $10,000
  • Private Telegram Group 


You invest significantly less.

They say…

I really don’t know what I would have done without being in your Mastermind group. As a business owner, single woman, mother of 3, daughter you have helped me navigate so many of life’s ups and downs. From transitioning from in person to more online practice, growing my business, weeding out clients that are no longer right for me as I grow.

Being there when my parents passed away, supporting me through an illness and surgery and now dealing with a legal issue. Normally dealing with these issues would be very stressful, as I reflect back I simply and literally glided through them all with confidence, and a deep rock solid belief that everything was going to be just fine. This in itself has been priceless.
You have helped me find my inner strength, knowing I can get through anything.

I have grown in so many ways. I have gotten a financial advisor, completely shifted how I work, how I show up for myself in daily life as well as my newly found romantic life. The support has been amazing, you are always there for me. You help me find all of the answers within me. Your guidance has been invaluable, and life changing. I know I am a totally different woman and I am so proud of who I have become!! Thank you so much!!
– Nancy Despres

Because it was about damn time I did something for myself.

I had a few one-on-one calls with Becky before joining the program, and the progress I made during that short time was mind-blowing. I was scared to invest but I knew it would be good for me.

So I guess my decision to join was based on my faith in your process, having experienced some quick wins already, and faith in myself that “I can do this” because I was already feeling like a different woman.

I have loved being surrounded by the other women in the group. You are ALL amazing and I think I grow as much from hearing your thoughts, experiences, and challenges as much as I’ve grown from my own.

The calls consistently reminded me to put myself first on the priority list, examined my thinking, and reminded me that I don’t need to settle: I CAN have it ALL. They remind me to do things my way, help me to dream bigger and bigger, and to question everything. I feel more like me than I’ve ever felt – and I’m loving myself more than ever as well. XOXO I’ll be forever grateful to you, Becky, for opening my eyes and helping me to see the possibilities. I can’t wait to see what else I uncover as we continue this process.
– Heather C Stephens

As an entrepreneur I make decisions all day, every day… My work with Becky in her mastermind was a ‘move the needle’ decision. I knew I was ready to step into the next level of my business, and my impact and choosing Becky was a no-brainer.

As a strong coach, I needed a strong coach. Her bullshit slayer title is spot on and I loved every second of it. We don’t need to be coddled, we need to be called on the carpet to show the fuck up.

Through my time in the mastermind, I learned to trust myself, I learned how to launch, I stepped more and more into my own strength and power, I grew my business, I made money, and I connected with new life long peers/friends.

The accessibility to Becky is a game-changer and worth the investment alone. It is truly like having her in your pocket.

If you are ready, as in YOU are ready to show up for yourself and do the work, take your business to the next level (for real), then jump at this opportunity to join Becky‘s mastermind. It will take you where you want to go… and more than likely beyond. Love you, Beck!
– Tracy Litt

For me, it really helps being in the “container” of the other badass coaches who are continually up-leveling and out they are doing rockstar things. Just being in that space has elevated my thinking and feeling of where I belong in the world…which is in abundance, confidence, certainty, leadership, and an expansion of what is possible. THANK YOU!!!
– Karen Merrifield LoGiudice

In no way do I want to live in a world without Becky in my back pocket. Like…there’s a visceral need for the support, and being in the trenches with a small group all going through the same things is so necessary. A place where you can safely tell your deep dark secrets and there’s no judgies is… I mean who wouldn’t want that?
– Erin Monaghan

I needed to make a commitment to myself to continue to grow and become the woman I am designed to be and I needed constant surveillance, constant vigilance, constant accountability to keep going to keep growing. Because if we’re not growing, we are dying. It is way too easy to say I’ll do it myself, I can handle it. It really takes a tribe to keep each other in a good space in a good way – because we are all in this together headed in the same beautiful direction of growth. – Nancy Despres

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