5 Things You Can Do NOW to Act Like a Boss (and Make Bank)

Fear is basically a combination of two things: not knowing the outcome and not believing in yourself. And that’s exactly why I launched this business – to show you how to be a BOSS on your terms and to boost your confidence.

Yes, online business can be scary. But so is ignoring the little voice inside you that screams to go help people by doing what you love – with crazy passion and ridiculous amounts of fucking fun.

So, I’ve got a present for all you business babes. If being in business is what you truly want to do …

Here are six (5!) things you can do NOW – this second – to get moving and on the path to cashflow.

•  Just write. This business you have? It lives and breathes inside you. You know it, the content and what people need. You know it so well, you could rattle it off in your sleep. So what might happen if you put pen to fucking paper and wrote that shit down?

Chances are excellent you’ll come up with ideas for blog posts, Facebook posts, memes, new programs, opt-ins and a hell of a lot more. 

Sooooooo, write what pops into your head. No hedging. No second-guessing. Absolutely no editing. Play with words. It doesn’t matter if you come out with nothing you will ever use. The point is to get you in the habit of allowing yourself to say whatever you want to say. Be the boss.

•  Brainstorm around one phrase or even one word. Let’s pretend one of your ideas for your biz includes a retreat at the beach. How does the sand feel? Is the water cold? What do you hear? Is it warm out or freezing? What’s it look like? What are your people doing there? How do they feel? What are you doing with them? How do you hope to transform them? Fill a goddamn page about the retreat with all manner of adjectives. Visualize it and you will get it.

•  Break it down. Avoid thinking in terms of final product: book, 12-week course, 6-month program, 7-figure business, etc. You will quickly overwhelm yourself. Decide which section of something you want to work on, then concentrate only on that piece.

If you’re writing a book, make a bullet list of content ideas. A course? Make a list of modules. Program? What do they learn each month? Then tackle one item at a time.

Still overwhelmed? Break it down even more. Pluck out one course module and identify three things they will learn in it. Take one of those things and write it out.

You’ll be surprised how fast shit comes together when you simplify.

•  Be as specific as you can. On the surface, it seems counter to the above. It’s not. What I see every damn day from women is a lack of specificity, which blinds them, overwhelms them and frustrates the hell out of them. That leads to inaction, paralysis, and poverty. Don’t do that.

Instead, identify one thing you want to get done. Yes, break it down, then get super specific about one part.

Here’s how it might look:

Overall goal: Make $10K this month.

Steps to get there: Create a new course, graphics, sales page, social media posts, Instagram graphics, email sequences, etc. (See how that can overwhelm?)

Then break it down: For the course, I need 12 modules. Make a list, pick one and start writing. Do this with each step you created.

Don’t say: I want $10K this month, then proceed to do nothing new to get it.

You cannot achieve the goal until you take action to achieve the goal.

•  Tell story across your hand. In elementary school, teachers tell their students to count each part of a story on their fingers.

1 – He woke up.

2 – He got dressed and had breakfast with his step-sister and father.

3 – He went to school and got in a fight.

4 – His teacher called his parents and he got in trouble.

5 – He made amends with the boy he fought with and his teacher and parents by X, Y, Z.

The next step is to write each section on its own blank sheet of paper. In this instance, the top of the first page would have one sentence: He woke up. Next, the student will fill that page with nothing but description of that character waking up.

Stupid simple. Yet if you use it to create content, generate ideas, flesh out a program or course, words will literally fly onto the page.

It’s the same principle as #3, breaking up overwhelming tasks into workable chunks. The single sentence at the top of the page helps to keep you focused and prevents overwhelm.


Now go forth and get shit done.

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