Surprises, I love ‘em

Sexy as fuck. That’s what this site is. You’re looking at the product of five months’ worth of blood and sweat from a team you’ll only find in your dreams.

(Yeah, we left the filter behind with the other trash. You thought we were irreverent before? Ha.)

Fireworks: Hand Holding Sparkler To CelebrateWelcome to the biggest shit-show we’ve ever started.

What it isn’t

  • A comeback
  • A one woman show
  • A place for writers with excuses

What it is

  • A goddamn revolution
  • The strongest crew you’ll ever meet
  • A place for dreamers and go-getters, rebels and writers

Our familiar services are still around, so don’t go into shellshock. But a new site deserves new shit too.

What you can expect

  • VIP DAYSTHE comprehensive writer package
  • A QUIZ to find your writing style (with free and seriously in-depth analysis)
  • A CONTEST for dedicated writers and those who aspire, resulting in a FREE three-month coaching package for the winner, worth $5,500. Yes, really.
  • More writing tips, tricks and bits of sass from me (and Confessions from Capo).
  • In-your-face, raw and wild, balls-to-the-wall strategies to get the words pouring out of your head, suffocating the pages.
  • Oodles of GORGEOUS MANTRAS to download to your iPhone or use as desktop wallpaper.

We played the middle-ground for a long time, claiming edgy without drawing any blood. Now? It’s time.

It’s time for us to own it. It’s time for you to write. And it’s time for both of us to wear our big kid pants and show the world how great our asses look.



And now, meet the people who make this place what it is.

mark Capo Dani joana
Aliza Amanda Leah lindseywc


More about them (+ you) later. For now, go check the place out.

Mi casa es su casa.

And when you find the inevitable missing links, typos or other mistakes, do this…


A goal without a plan is just a wish. Let’s write.

It’s Tuesday. That means you have a little less than 72 hours to decide whether or not your dream of writing a book or website content is something you want to do – versus something you just want to think about. (Over and over, for days, weeks, years on end…)

Summer Writing Camp starts Saturday, August 2nd. We have three spots left for smart, hungry writers who are ready to say yes and invest in themselves and their words.

Last year, ALL of our summer campers went on to publish their books. Are you ready to make your dream reality?

Is it scary? Yes.

goalCan you do it? Absolutely.

Will you have help? Every step of the way.

What’s it worth to actually do what you’ve imagined for years? How’s it going to feel when you finally hold your book in your hands?

I offer camp once a year. This is it.

For the next four weeks, I’m taking a small group of writers under my wing from Page One to The End.

You can talk about following your dreams all day long. What you DO to go after them is what matters.

Last word. Last chance. You in?

Get over there and signup already.


Questions? Click to schedule a 15-minute session with moi

But don’t wait. We start Saturday.


P.S. Didya know we’re launching a new website this week? Yep. A fresh new look, complete with even MORE inspiration, freebies and new products and services. Stay tuned.