The Quick + Dirty Surprise (edited, never censored)

On December 2, we’re celebrating the first anniversary of this fancy fuckingtabulous place with all kinds of awesome. And free shit. For everyone.

Number One: Free edits and personality amp-ups on social media outlets.

Número Dos: Free edits of the first 100 words of your work in progress AND a quick and dirty plot + structure evaluation.

Nombre Trois: How about money?

It’s our way of saying thanks for an unbelievably kickass first year.

But wait. How do you get all of this awesome? See below…

Anyone – everyone – on Twitter and Facebook

On December 2, You have three ways to reach us to get FREE shit.

1) Tag yourself in our anniversary celebration post on our Facebook page. (It will be at the top on December 2nd).

2) Post on your own Facebook page with the hashtag #editmeBecky

3) Tweet @rebeccatdickson with hashtag #editmeBecky

I will edit (make sizzle) your Twitter bio or your Facebook “about” section.

promo_1122+25For our subscribers

You will automatically receive an email from us TODAY, November 22. That super secret message shall contain two separate and equally super secret email addresses, which will only be valid December 2, 2013.

Use one email address to send us the first 100 words of your work in progress – the most important part – and we’ll edit it for free. NOTE the 100 word limit, bitches.


Use the second secret email address to send a synopsis of your WIP and Ranee Dillon (resident writing coach extraordinaire) will send back some notes on whatever needs attention, along with our jet-fuel infused plot and structure handout.

Not on our subscriber list? Get there by using the box in the upper right corner labeled “Subscribe.” (You can’t miss it. Follow the legs in black seamed stockings.)

Again, these two options are only available to subscribers – and only on December 2, 2013. So get on the list.

For our clients

For all of December 2013 and January 2014, every writer you recommend to us who signs up for editing or coaching gets YOU a $100 credit toward your own editing (with Becky) or $50 toward private writer coaching (with Ranee). Your choice.

It’s called rewarding loyalty. ‘Cause our clients are the fucking bomb. If you’ve worked with us over the last year, tell whomever you refer to mention YOU. Simple.

Granted, we don’t work with everyone. But since we have worked with you, we’re guessing you know more writers like you. The ones who want real feedback they can dig into, and do it with energy. Who hold themselves accountable. The ones who don’t procrastinate and are optimistic. Who want to put out the best book they possibly can – and believe in their ability to write it.

So, if you send someone and he or she signs a contract with us, you receive a credit toward coaching or editing for yourself. For the next two months.

Not a client? You’ve got time. Work with us before December 1, 2013, and you’re eligible for the same $100 editing credit or $50 coaching credit for the next two months. BAM. More awesome.

We thank you profusely, wholeheartedly, and from the gutter – whence we came. Kidding. (Sort of.)

Here’s to the fuck-yeah highs and the oh-shit lows of writing. They both mean you’re doing it.


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  1. Thom Linehan
    Thom Linehan says:

    I wish I had found you 6 months earlier. I had my work edited, but not fully satisfied. Learning more from Don McNair, Editor-Proof Your Writing. I think I would have hired you because you are very open in who you are. We will be working together in the future.


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