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It’s all okay

I talk a lot about how the best business strategy isn’t a strategy.

I remind people every day to just be themselves and build a business that feels good.

Why and how does that work?

Let’s start by looking at what DOESN’T work.

Everyone has obstacles to overcome. That’s life.

Pretending you don’t means projecting an image of having it all together.  That feels gross, often induces a case of imposter syndrome and projects shitty energy.

But there’s something else that happens when you pretend you don’t have obstacles. You perpetuate the myth that if someone’s life is not all together, there is something wrong with them.

It’s not overt. You don’t say that.

But other humans see so-called perfection and think they cannot succeed if they have problems.

This is where “I’m not ready yet,” “I don’t know enough yet,” “I’m not good enough yet,” come in.

The result is no one learns anything.

No one sees their own potential, because they refuse to take a risk (because life isn’t yet perfect).

They believe if they have obstacles, they suck.

There’s something wrong with them.

They’re not okay.

It’s the biggest lie on the planet right now.

Now let’s look at what DOES work.

Let’s say you talk about your obstacles, share the lessons you’re gathering, openly discuss our common humanity.

What do you think other people see then?

I’ll tell you: They see a person being open and vulnerable, doing her best to navigate inevitable difficulty.

They learn something from you and your struggles.

They begin to see they are not alone.

They start to realize taking a ride on this planet in a bag of skin and bones REQUIRES difficulty.


And then?

They respect the fuck out of you.

They connect with you.

They want to learn more from you.

They are invested in you because you remind them of themselves.

In my lowest moments, I am not looking for someone playing a role. I am seeking a person who has been in the shit as deep as I have and found her way out.

And the only way I can find her is if she has the courage to admit she’s not perfect.

We are all looking for proof that it’s okay to fall and rise higher than we knew possible. We want to know mistakes don’t define us.

You have unique circumstances, experiences, screw ups. And you gained a towering pile of knowledge from those.

If you are brave enough to share that journey, you will have the business you crave.

It’s as simple and as complex as that.

If you want an expert to help you peel back your layers, get to your truth and dance with the fear, I’m your woman.

Go here for more info on how to work with me: https://rebeccatdickson.com/mmm/

Either way, stop being so fucking mean to yourself.

Stop trying to use someone else’s “strategy” to build a business.

Understand you have the tools inside you, as you are, right now.

Because it’s all okay. I promise.