20 reasons you think you don’t have time to get your biz off the ground (or make it the forking empire you dream about)

Consider this the first of MANY installments where I systematically attack your bullshit excuses.

Today we talk about how you have “no time.”

1. You are letting people tell you that you should be doing other things with your time.

2. You can’t live with the level of clean that your family accepts as normal.

3. You haven’t decided to take your business seriously – so no one else does either.

4. You haven’t made yourself a “work” space.

5. You haven’t realized you need help.

6. You do what is urgent rather than what is necessary.

7. You don’t let your kids and other people solve their own problems.

8. You think “someday” you will have more time for business.

9. You are spending time doing things you actually don’t care about.

10. You are actually using distractions as an excuse not to do business (show up, create content, sell, etc.).

11. You are terrified of doing business, of actually showing up, owning your truth, getting a client and having to help said client get a result.

12. You are busy criticizing other people who ARE doing the work in their business, rather than working in and on your own.

13. You don’t know what to do with social media.

14. You don’t know how to turn off your inner critic (you believe every shitty thought it thinks).

15. You talk a good game, but you don’t play it.

16. You think you need to plan and research before you start.

17. You don’t actually like doing business. You like saying you have a business.

18. You need to spend time remembering what it is you love about your business (why you started at all).

19. You convinced yourself you need hours to create, be visible, get out there – and you don’t know how to use the 20 minute chunks you actually have.

20. You don’t have notebooks scattered through the house, including in the bathroom, to jot down inspiration. (The remedy to #19.)

Which of these were you believing?

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