Everything improves over time

In 2014, I created a program called Clarity, Clients and Cash® and brought more than 500 women inside for a magical 12-week journey.

It was a smashing success, a thriving community of like-minded women lifting one another.

Inside, women learned the power of language, inner knowing and self-belief in order to manifest businesses they loved. They leverage their skills to bring their own gifts to the surface and share them with the world.

This year, I decided the program needed a facelift. The same universal concepts are there (and a bunch more). But they are now reorganized and rejuvenated.

We are now in our THIRD iteration of this program. New content, new skills to share, new guest experts, new bonuses.

Like everything else, with time, things only get better.

CCC® is a program for women who are in their first one or two years of business, or for those who have been around longer but can’t seem to get traction.

We start with the basics – niching, finding clients, using social media effectively, sales, and more. But we also go MUCH deeper, getting close up with fear, doubt and proper mindset. For women, the latter gets in the way much more often than the technical stuff.

And that’s ultimately what made CCC so successful in the first place. It’s the ONLY course of it’s kind to combine business building with mindset.

>> We go to the root of the issue, dig it up, pour gasoline on it, and move on. Because the best strategy in the world won’t get you the results if you don’t believe it can. Because a million-dollar idea won’t make you a penny if you doubt yourself. <<

I’ve been a coach for women entrepreneurs for more than a decade now. Every day, I speak to women whose only “mistake” is buying into limits, things they mistakenly believe can’t or won’t work for them. For whatever reason, we are prone to doubting ourselves more, which ultimately means earning less – and not fulfilling our potential.

CCC aims to change all that, one woman at a time.

I’ll be hosting a series of FREE masterclasses for women entrepreneurs, beginning November 5th. (And they run all month long.)

We’re going to dive into mindset, how to get back to YOU and your purpose, as well as a bunch of technical stuff like content, copy, opt-ins, packaging and pricing. And how to be yourself in online business. (This one thing is why so many people struggle with “authenticity” online.)

Join us for this series of FREE powerful trainings. Click below to sign up.


– Becky

P.S. In case you’re like me and just scroll to the bottom, here’s the nitty-gritty: I’m hosting a series of FREE masterclasses for women entrepreneurs who need support getting their businesses serious traction. We start Nov. 5th and run through the month of November. It’s FREE! Sign up here: https://rebeccatdickson.com/crazy-good/

It’s a thing, I’m just not saying what thing

You know, my trajectory throughout this crazy biz-building journey has been singular: Empower women to do what they love and make bank. Financial independence. Complete autonomy.

I’m about reaching women and helping them find FREEDOM.

And now I want to jack that up.

Sky high.

I remember all too well what it was like to have a fledgling idea and then a brilliant business, but no clients. Scraping change for groceries is painfully fresh in my mind.

I don’t need to imagine how you might feel – because I was you.

So what if I create something to support you 100% in hunting down your goals like big game? Freedom. Money. A business you love.

Well, I did. And it was wildly successful during the two years I ran it. In fact, we took more than 500 women and showed them how to start, create, think big and refuse to stop.

As some of you may remember, I announced way back in 2016 that I would no longer teach the program live.

But I changed my mind.

And I changed the content. Re-creating, streamlining, updating, adding video navigation and a metric shit ton of other cool stuff.

When you invest in something, you appreciate the hell out of it. You show up when you pay for it. You do what needs to be done because you laid out the cash.

The biggest value any of us gets out of paying for help is ACCOUNTABILITY and IMPLEMENTATION. Ergo, you do it.

And that’s the core of the program and community I’m teasing you about right now.

This isn’t a place to talk and do nothing.

Talking is easy.

And 99% of people get no further.

Inside this program, women translate talking into DOING – taking action, getting shit done.

Every day.

If you know you need to be held accountable, then this will change how you get results with your online business.

Naturally, there’s a lot more to it.

But I’ll leave that for next time.

Money aside, if this sounds like something you think will help you…
then click here to add yourself to the list.

Talk soon,

P.S. You want to be on that list no matter what because I’m about to unleash free masterclasses for the entire month of November, with live Q&A. Here’s the link again: https://rebeccatdickson.com/crazy-good/