The one business mistake you don’t even know you’re making

It’s damn hard to commit to things we fear. Things we’re not sure we can do well.

What if trying is just a huge waste of time, money and energy? What if someone doesn’t like it?

I’m not ready yet.

I’m not good enough.

What if I get haters?

Been there. Done that.

Trying to please everyone is the surest way to please no one. (It’s a cliché for a reason.) And in online business, people-pleasing actually keeps you invisible – and broke.

The one mistake women in online business often make without even knowing it? Censoring themselves for fear someone won’t like what they have to say.

You can’t attract clients or fans if you don’t mean what you say AND say what you think. People know when you’re holding back.

It’s normal to secretly want the world to adore you and your work. By nature, humans don’t go looking for haters. But trying to be perfect actually makes you dull.

We end up stifling our voice. 

What you need is the courage and motivation to throw away the excuses and believe in yourself.

And if you can’t do that on your own, maybe it’s a problem to throw money at. People don’t actually need coaches. They don’t need Nikes to run either. But somebody somewhere told us better arch support builds faster runners. And we believe.

The work you put in after you bought the sneakers matters more than the sneakers themselves. But they hold you accountable. They make you feel better, and create a sense of pride in your accomplishments.

Coaches are people’s Nikes. Because, hey, your ankles aren’t the only thing in need of support.

We get you results faster and more effectively. You become YOU, injected with your own personal brand of fuck yeah.

Because letting go of the self-sabotage, perfectionism, procrastination or anything else, amps you up.

Being who you are allows people to identify with your thoughts and feelings.

Saying what you think without worrying about anyone else’s opinion gives you impact – guts and substance, goddammit. And aren’t we all sitting around waiting for someone to tell us the truth?


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