It’s a beautiful thing

I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance lately. Between my own manifestation mindset and practices, and my serious obsession with helping other entrepreneurs bulk up their own belief system, I know creating an abundance lifestyle is easy…

…but I don’t think I can say the same for maintaining it.

So much of the world, especially outside of our entrepreneurial ventures, runs on a scarcity mentality.

Scarcity means, in plain English, that people focus far more on what is lacking in their life than what is going right. Some people frame this as saying opportunities are few and far between, while others – who seemingly believe they are more positive – share the same sentiment but frame it differently, stating something like they jump at every opportunity they’re given because they don’t know when the next will surface.

This mindset is often provoked by advertising without consumers realizing it, and so it is reinforced even without our knowledge of it. The problem with this, beyond the manipulation, is the profound impact it can have on the believers’ lives, causing pain, panic, nervousness and even desperation.

Since I’ve been on both sides of this issue, I can tell you that the thought process I’ve developed since choosing an abundance mentality is enough to make the switch. Yes, I’ve seen it (time and time again) bring really epic things to me, but I’m also really thankful for the little things that come up, too.

Because an abundance mentality reminds you new chances are everywhere and relieves you of the responsibility to constantly seek them out. You stop feeling like a failure when something goes wrong and you start believing the next thing to come will be even bigger. No more taking everything so seriously (scarcity and lack), no more believing the world will stop turning if you trip up.

Man, that’s a huge relief.

All by simply shifting your focus from what you do not have to what you are thankful for.

By seeking abundance in your whole life, not just one area, you’re strengthening your cause. Let’s go over a few simple hacks to get you there:

Focus on abundance.

Where ever you lay your gaze is what you see. Common sense, right? So start focusing on the good. You might just be surprised how much of it you’ve missed simply because you’re not looking.

Practice gratitude.

I am a die-hard fan of the gratitude list. It’s a simple strategy that allows me to truly focus on and put energy toward what went right each day. Just before bed I write down a minimum of ten things I’m gracious for and then I send a big thank you to the universe for those things. Not only does this practice help reinforce the first concept (of shifting your focus) but it also helps you appreciate your ability to do that AND appreciate what the U is providing you.

A little appreciation goes a long way, friends. You know how much more likely you are to do something when someone thanks you for it, right? This scenario is no different.

Send negativity packing (and build your crew).

As I mentioned earlier, part of the reason it’s so hard to maintain an abundance mentality is because of the haters we come into contact with (whether in our personal lives or via the media). If you know there are particularly negative people in your life, you might need to evaluate how much time you’re spending with them.

Think the news is depressing? Stop watching it (and get your updates from another source).

Get crafty in the ways you avoid the blah that exists in your life. You’re definitely smart enough to overcome the obstacles, so don’t let someone else’s negativity be an excuse for you to stay stuck.

Plus, the more people you’re around who are positive, the more positive you’ll feel all the time. It’s like a contact high (except it’s legal in every state).

Choose it each day.

Total transparency: this act is just like building any kind of muscle and you’re going to have to come back to it over and over again. So, when you slip up or simply forget to be thankful, don’t turn around and say it’s impossible. Remember what the end goal is and choose to start over, thankful you’ve noticed that you broke the pattern (and thankful that you’re so GD magical that you deserve happiness).

Old thoughts and patterns are hard to break.

If you want to use external reminders, leave notes around your house (especially in the office and the bathroom). That way you see them several times throughout the day. Other people love to wear mantra bands.

Me? I use an old school ballpoint pen and write myself notes on my hands (that way I always see them). This little practice has become a ritual and it always keeps my headspace clear so I can continue feeling content.

An abundance mindset does not just have to be about money and – if you truly have one – shouldn’t be limited to one area of your life. Instead, it will be all-encompassing.

That’s a beautiful thing.

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