The winners of my Hobbit-like birthday surprise

I promised to announce the winners of my Hobbit-like birthday surprise today, and so it shall be.

In all, more than 7,000 of you participated. Humbling, to say the least. Your submissions were awe-inspiring and many made me cry. But this is precisely why I do the work I do – to inspire YOU to be your best every damn day.

Without further ado, here are the forty-three (43!) lucky women entrepreneurs taking home presents from me.

Money Mindset Mastermind: 12 lucky ladies walk away with the course designed to get you earning the money you deserve (so you can stop questioning if you can actually charge what you think you’re worth).

Jennifer Latham
Lisa Schmidt
Éva Rawposa
Chizelle Sharon Salter
Kyla Holt
Kaira Shelton Boston
Dina Kennedy
LaMorla Smith
Brenda J. King
Sharon Holand Gelfand
Melissa Bella Vita
Traci Johnson

Manifest Now: Another 12 entrepreneurs receive this course, proven to take you from manifestation basics to mind-altering, life-changing shit on how you manifest anything on your wish list.

Michelle McGlade
Julie Rodriguez Jamison
Sara Lynch
Author Niquel
Caitlin Shultz
Kelsea Broe
Zuzana Manton Patrik Herbst
Anna Romanova
Jennifer Houghton
Carrington Beauchamp
Karen Alleyne-Means
Kerry Ann Sheppard

45-Min Jam Sessions: Me, you, one phone line and a Kardashian-sized ass-load of results. We’re tackling what’s holding YOU up. I’ll revamp your copy and you hang up with a list of actionable items to immediately transform your business. The lucky 15 are:

Portia Jackson
Lore Earley
Assya MB
Lauren Raso
Misti Patrella
Tennile Cooper
Helen Stringfellow
Adrienne Martin
Julie Wunderlich
Jen Turrell
Courtney Bedore
Nina Andersen
Debbie Rupnig
Michelle Bennington

Clarity, Clients, and Cash: Three women earned admission into my 90-day group course, with 12 modules chock-full of content on mindset, manifestation, building your brand, writing your copy and creating courses, VIP days, and price points that’ll change your business forever. Plus, admittance into the best damn group on Facebook (we’re all high vibes and solidarity).

Brenda Adelman
Amy Mercury
Marsibil Mogensen

90 Days of 1:1 Coaching with Me: ONE grand prize winner spends the next 90 days with me, 1:1.

Are you ready, Anel Bester? Here I come.

See your name on this list? Email Dani at to claim your shizzle and change your life.
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