Welcome to the annual RTD giveaway. This year? $50K!

October is almost half over, but I’m not one to let a single day go by without celebrating my favorite month of the year: with gobs of Halloween décor and a birthday giveaway fantastic enough to have you screaming, “Hell yes, Beck,” in the new Minnetonka boots you just bought yourself (you fashion connoisseur, you).

You can have your spice lattes, pie candles and colored sweaters.

I’ll turn that pumpkin into a stage coach and deliver it to your doorstep, babes.

Ready to be a belle of the business world?

Welcome to the 43rd edition of my birthday celebration, where I’m giving away more than $50,000 of my own time, money and energy to get you earning much more than that.

Each year the generosity fairy reminds me that giving rocks way harder than taking (though presents are not discouraged). Today, the day I demanded entrance into a world (in order to give it hell), I’m giving away the sweet, money-making magic I’ve watched countless entrepreneurs use to build the lives of their dreams.

Not only that, the number 43 represents the principle of deliverance or change. It felt right to help others change their lives while mine reached this symbolic number.

I’ll cut to the chase:

If you’ve been dying to work with me or eyeing one of my programs, I’m buying them for you.

The woman giveth.

But you must taketh the bait.

No more, “I can’t,” or “I’m scared,” or “It’ll never work for me.” Stop doubting your power, ladies, it’s time to own it.

The Freebies:

Money Mindset Mastermind: 12 lucky ladies will walk away with the course designed to get you earning the money you deserve (so you can stop questioning if you can actually charge what you think you’re worth).

Manifest Now: Another 12 entrepreneurs will be handed this course, proven to take you from manifestation basics to mind-altering, life-changing shit on how you manifest anything on your wish list.

45-Min Jam Sessions: Me, you, one phone line and a Kardashian-sized ass-load of results. We’ll tackle what’s holding YOU up, I’ll revamp your copy and you’ll hang up with a list of actionable items to immediately transform your business. I’m giving away 15 of these.

Clarity, Clients, and Cash: 3 lucky ladies will earn admission into my 90-day group course, with 12 modules chock-full of content on mindset, manifestation, building your brand, writing your copy and creating courses, VIP days, and price points that’ll change your business forever. Plus, admittance into the best damn group on Facebook (we’re all high vibes and solidarity).

90 Days of 1:1 Coaching with Me: ONE grand prize winner (chosen at random) will be given my 90-day 1:1 coaching package worth $35,000. Think of it like an end-to-end business boot camp… Except all the work is done for you. Want to see the results? Check out what others are saying about working with me.

The Rules:

If you want in, you must be a member of my Inner Circle and you must like my professional page, Rebecca T. Dickson.

Share the post I’ve pinned to the top of my professional page and explain why you’re ready to change your life forever (just in the post, you don’t even have to email or vlog or send a carrier pigeon this time).

Consider this one, simple post your way of telling the Universe you’re ready for the change, prepared for any challenge and open to receiving the best.

What are you waiting for, good-looking?

The competition starts today and winners will be announced on Friday, October 16, 2015 inside the Inner Circle.

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    • Lisa Marie Pepe
      Lisa Marie Pepe says:

      Hey Rebecca,
      I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that I’ve stopped by your professional page to give you a new “Like” and to send you a ton of #PositiveVibes for a wonderful birthday celebration! I’ve also requested to join your Inner Circle and will be positing shortly WHY I am MORE THAN READY to CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER!
      Peace and blessings,
      Lisa Marie Pepe

  1. Janet
    Janet says:

    My inner rebel was going to stop me from going through the hoops because of the implication that I would die to work with you, or that I need to be deadly serious, wtf, who is this chick with the ego, then I got in touch with my true self, and thought about, what if I was truly on my side, what if what I can do really does make an impact in people’s lives, what if I unleashed in me what I encouraged other people to do for themselves, and so, here I am, going through the hoops, saying, hell yeah! winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing….. I’ve done enough of the “inner work” to face my demons, and own, that when I take charge I win ….. and I trust myself enough that this means everyone wins…. so I have something to contribute, you say you can help me connect to the people who are meant to be helped, so cool, I’m in, I’ll play. Namasplay, Happy Birthday! I understand that deadly serious and f’g cool and fun are not mutually exclusive….. https://youtu.be/YMBC9Ji1WJY

  2. Dr. Niama Williams
    Dr. Niama Williams says:

    You really need to go ahead and award me the grand prize because not only will I write about every aspect of the wonderful work we will do together, I will also sing, in my beautiful voice, Happy Birthday to you, traditional version and Stevie Wonder version. And that, my dear Ms. Dickson, is not to be missed!!! Love to you for doing such a great thing!!!

  3. Simone Gilbert
    Simone Gilbert says:

    Surround yourself with people from whom you can learn, so you too may shine! Rebecca T Dickson, I would love your support & guidance as I leap into doing all I love. X


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