Ready for a back to school pop quiz?

Ready for a back to school pop quiz?

Scenario one:

You have the best business in the world and know your industry better than anyone.

Q. What two things (in addition to those mentioned already) do you need to make your business as hot as asphalt in August?

This isn’t a trick question, people. It’s actually something I’ve mentioned more than you’ve probably heard (shhhhhh, I’m going with this whole teacher theme right now).

Your answer is simple, students:

1. Belief in yourself
2. A way to share your message clearly and succinctly

If you’re not delivering those two things, your business is going to flunk.

Harsh? Maybe. But some of the best teachers you ever had were the ones who gave it to you straight while still offering their hand to help you up, right?

*This is where I reach out for you.*

As a new school year begins again, you have no more “I have to wait until my kids’ summer is over” fuel (read: excuses) to use, and I’m asking you to put your money where your mouth is now.

Let’s chat. Live on the line. Me and you and my mad teaching skills.

(And I promise not to quiz you again…once we’re on the line…maybe)

For the back-to-school steal of a price, I’m practically giving away these spots.

What you get:

45 minutes of no-holds-barred expertise, where we:

• assess your website and packages
• determine how much you need to make each month and what you’re charging now (and how they relate)
• talk about your value versus your time (clients pay for a result, not the hours you spend)
• review your sales calls and follow-up emails
• look at where you find clients and how you can do it better
• overhaul copy (either one page or an ad). I’ll write it on the spot – and it’ll be fucking fantastic.

There is no substitute for having a pro in your corner.

We’ll cover the non-negotiable, must-knows of making money and helping people as an entrepreneur.

• My personal business and wealth consciousness philosophy
• A crash course in believing in YOURSELF
• How to use your fear to your advantage
• What you offer that no one else can
• How to navigate sales calls and follow-up like the pro you are

How do we do all that in less than an hour? Laser focus.

Pop quiz question two:

My usual 60 minute calls cost 1k, but you’re getting 75% of the time for 50% of the cost with this deal.

Q: How many minutes will be talk and how much will it cost ya?

Now, I’m not math wizard, but that’s a real sweet bargain, babes.

Last time I offered this wham-bam-thank-you, Beckster offer, it was sold out in hours.

You, my darling, don’t have a lot of time to waste coming up with all of the reasons you shouldn’t do this.

It’s now. ← The time for you to step up and change your game.

It’s real ← The amazingness of the offer.

It’s $500. ← The cost for those of you who can’t math.

I’ll bring the red pen and rules. You bring the bright eyes and big ideas.

School’s in session, sexy.

Click HERE to book now. (Only 10 slots available.)


Don’t believe you can manifest the life you deserve?

The only block keeping you from a “Is this life real?” moment is lack of confidence.

Maybe you don’t know how to start manifesting anything.

You’ve tried to woo-woo approach part-time but you haven’t given it everything you’ve got.

You believe it can work but your partner is a hater, so you’ve put off learning.

But that’s about to change.

YOU control where your life goes, where the things you’ve dreamed of become reality (and they aren’t so hard to make happen, either).

If you’ve been following me, you know I offer two courses about manifestation and mindset: one specifically designed to help you learn the best approaches to manifesting anything you want, the other designed to get you money, honey.

Both of them get you away from the fluffy bullshit of hoping, praying and wishing, and instead make everything you want to happen (while earning what you deserve).

Here’s the best part:

Both Manifest Now and Money Mindset Mastermind are on sale right now (meow).

A year ago this month, I was struggling to make it as a writing coach. I had more outstanding bills with people who worked for me than I had money in the bank.

This August is my one-year anniversary, celebrating when I finally took a tremendously difficult look at my business and realized it wasn’t working. So I threw myself into courses, books and practiced the fuck out of positive affirmations. I learned about the art of manifestation and started working toward building this little empire.

Once I got over the shock of my results, I studied them (and my behaviors) to figure out how the hell I’d made it work.

The answer? Manifesting like a boss with a clear reason for doing so.

The two biggest reasons I’m where I am today are available to you as a set for $397 (normally $750) or each separately for $200 (normally $499). That means massive savings for you alongside a new way of approaching sweet victory.

Want to learn more about both programs, check out their home on my website here.

Got questions?

Hit me up.

Mindset and manifesting power made me the coach I am today and have also changed the lives of my clients forever.

This? It’s your chance to have the same results.

What are you waiting for? Yet another personal invitation or sign from the Universe? This is it. And this sale certainly won’t last forever.

Get on it.