How many chances have you overlooked this year alone?

You know there’s something out there – a VA, an accountant, a program – that will help you build your business into a dynasty, yet you sit still and wait for the opportunity to climb into your lap and beg to be pet.

That shit?

It’s never going to happen.

Part of being an entrepreneur is making decisions without waiting for someone to convince you, yet here I am with big ‘ol puppy dog eyes, staring up and you saying, “you should really take this chance.”

Kendrick Shope’s Sales School enrollment closes TOMORROW (Friday, July 31), and it won’t reopen until the same time next year.

So tell me:

Do you have a year’s worth of money in your bank account to sit around and wait, while watching your sales sit stagnant?

Be really freaking honest with yourself.

Ultimately, you have to decide whether or not you have the time to waste by NOT signing up. You have to decide if your business is worth the cost of enrollment.

And you have to commit the time and money to making your business better, because I can write a million emails with an equal amount of metaphors (I’m a writer, remember?) to recommend you do something. But YOU are the one who has to get up and make shit happen.

No amount of my “look how this overhauled my business and earning” or “I recommend this to every single one of my clients” means much if you aren’t ready to take responsibility for your own success.

Harsh? It’s an honest look at the mentality that differentiates the leaders from those trailing behind.

You know what you need. You know if you struggle with sales.

And if you aren’t ready to tackle that issue (or you’re hiding from it), then no amount of words I slap in an email will make you change your mind.

So the rest of this is for those of you who haven’t made up your mind:

Do this for you.

Stop worrying about where you’ll find the money (the whole point of the program is to get you to earn more).

Quit telling yourself something else will come along.

Make the decision that will change your life forever, something you’ll look back on and say, “That’s the moment I decided I was worth it.”

Then tell me about it, so I can stop giving you stupid eyes and – instead – give you a hell yes.

Signup for Sales School here, and grab these bonuses:

  • 30-minute 1:1 with me to make you money
  • 30-minute 1:1 with Kendrick
  • Random drawing for an iPad

Kendrick Shope and I are doing another LIVE training – Friday, July 31 – at noon EDT. Signup here to get in, learn more about Sales School and fire your best sales questions at us.