Of course I suggest Sales School. Here’s my tell-all review.

As an entrepreneur and business coach, I tell my clients the first thing they should do for themselves is share their knowledge (build credibility). And most of them resist because they incorrectly assume:

  1. Giving away the farm means something about a worthless cow
  2. Promoting ourselves and our knowledge will be seen as ego-centric and proud

Those two common beliefs actually stem from the fear of being seen for who we are. They aren’t about what other people think (so much as what we think about ourselves).

But you have to know who you are and what you’re about before you can see that connection.

One of the things I’ve learned about myself is I love giving away helpful information, so I do it. Easy enough, right?

Maybe now’s a good time for a confession…

I haven’t shared one of the tools I used to help me build this bad-ass business. The one that changed the course of my life in less than a year.

That tool?

Kendrick Shope’s Sales School.

I actually won a slot in Sales School. At the time, I was working like a fiend to keep food stocked in the pantry. Revenue was certainly not at $50,000 a year (after paying editors, my VA and OBM), and I was frustrated: financially and flexibility wise. (I had to have my ass planted at the desk 24/7 to earn money.)

Every decision was questioned, then doubted, and always exhausting.

I knew I was ready to change my business model, but I had no idea how to sell my services without nagging or force-feeding potential clients the same sales shit I’d been regurgitating for years.

I make no qualms about admitting I struggled too.

But once Sales School started, things changed quickly.

  • I learned how to build services my clients would be stupid not to pay for
  • My sales pitches became genuine, easy conversations and bookings skyrocketed
  • I created an overnight buzz about myself and my business – as soon as I focused on being myself and showing compassion (I still say fuck though)
  • Writing web copy became a passion, something that was easy and built up my client’s bottom line

Normally, I don’t tout other people’s services. I’m just never sure how someone else will do inside of another program. When you work with me, I can wrangle you back in and provide a little tough love when shit gets weird.

Recommending someone else’s program means you might not have the same sort of mentoring throughout. And I don’t want you coming back to me (after months of doing nothing) frustrated because a program that worked for me didn’t work for you.

Newsflash: NOT the case with Kendrick’s Sales School

After her program (and then in 1:1 coaching with her), I realized this is a unicorn-like chance for me to share a piece of my success with you.

A course I believe in so much, I’m willing to put myself out there as an advocate for it.

If you want to make money doing what you love, you have to be an expert in closing sales.

Gone are the days when staying invisible and avoiding the sale for fear of being aggressive or slimy. Say hello to being your whole self and feeling good about offering your services (or products).

When you’re true to yourself, you’re going to sell more. It’s just part of the deal.

Kendrick teaches you the intricacies of her Authentic Selling™ process, so you can take all of her magic and apply it to your business.

Authentic Selling™ allows you to:

  • Double or triple your revenue
  • Nail your next launch, convert more clients
  • Use social media to sell
  • Create communications that make your business money
  • Follow up with interested customers in a meaningful way

The concepts you learn are the same ones that took me from searching couch cushions for change to BEING the change – and never getting crumbs stuck under my nails again.

And you’ll do it all in just six weeks.

Six weeks to a change, sell and succeed.

Tell me?

How long have you been dreaming about closing deals instead of having doors slammed in your face?

If it’s more than six weeks, you have no reason not to jump on this.

The longer you put off your dreams, the less likely they will come true.

We get bogged down in the bullshit of the everyday. We forget how critical it is to become the best versions of ourselves.

Earning money isn’t a privilege. It’s your absolute, unquestionable right.

Ready to turn your fantasy business into a financially booming one? What are you waiting for?


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