The verdict is in:

Kendrick Shope is guilty, on all counts, of being a ladyboss who brought it in her first video of the series, How To Make Money In Your Business.

Where were you when I sent the information earlier this week?

Get your head out of your rear, regal ones, because you still have the chance to sign up for the video event that will change your selling style to something a little less – um – schmoozy. If you’ve been trying to sell your products and services but your shelf is still full, it’s time to look at your approach.

Do people see you as pushy or needy?

How have you shown up for yourself when you’re pitching?

There is a better way.

I know because Kendrick is MY coach, and she helped me change the entire dynamic of my business from flat-lining to exploding in next to no time. In fact, her techniques in Sales School were so powerful, I immediately started working with her 1:1 to propel myself even further into triumph.

Sound the trumpets, we’re playing for you.

You’re one quick sign up away from content that will change you forever. It’ll put magic in your veins (and bank account).

What else do I need to say, gorgeous?

This training is for you if you’re:

  • Great at what you do, but clients and money aren’t coming in as quickly as you expected.
  • Watching everyone else make their dream business work and wondering what you’re doing wrong.
  • Wondering why your offers aren’t bringing in clients.
  • Secretly believing everyone else knows something you don’t.
  • Feeling stressed at the end of each month as you pay the bills.
  • Swearing you’re not taking another class until you work through the 14 that are unfinished on your computer.
  • Sick of investing money with no results. You’ve got the website, the tagline, the offer, the everything, but still no clients.
  • Realizing this business thing isn’t as easy as everyone made it seem.

You have ZERO to lose by signing up. No catches. No excuses and certainly no limits to your earning potential.

Get elbow deep in awesome.

Ready? Here we go.



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