How Coaching Helped My Business Soar (And What It Can Do For You)

If you’ve taken CCC or had 1:1 coaching with me, you know I’ve spent a shit ton of money on my own coaching. And I’m proud of this, as those countless hours of calls and reoccurring monthly payments made me the woman I am today.

By being a participant in coaching, I empathize with my own clients. Not only that, I’m better able to understand their questions and habits, and I can squash their fears before they’ve even had time to share them with me.

If you want to be the best coach out there, you’d better invest in your own education.

Through coaching with amazing women like Kendrick Shope and Hillary Rubin, I’ve learned a lot about myself, my fears and past failures. I’ve taken these lessons and used them as ammo:

Now I know the warning signs for when I’m burning out and frustrated, which means I probably need to up my pricing or change my offerings.

More than either of those things, really, we dove deep into finding the root of all of my beliefs, which determine why I set up services the way I did or presented content in ways specific only to me, and it makes it so much easier to understand my why, my how and who.

In truth, their coaching is why I start so many of my programs (Manifest NOW and 1:1 coaching packages) start by uncovering blocks and hidden beliefs. It’s why I’m 100% committed to decluttering your mind before we start working on your program, because – without clarity – you can’t possibly provide quality work for your clients.

My coaches taught me to tap shit out and learn the art of letting go. Every day and every client won’t be perfect, and if I didn’t let go of the toxins, I’d carry them into sessions with my own clients, who don’t deserve to have a shitty session because someone else was a total douche.

It’s not that I couldn’t have coached before them, because I was coaching before they helped my business soar. When I started working with coaches, my business was just scraping by.

Profit? Not even.

You all know the story: I was making decent money (sometimes) at the cost of my personal life. My kids only saw me when they walked into the office or when I was lucky enough to step away and head to a track meet. Even then, our quality of conversation was shitty, and my boys were growing (and eating) faster than I could comprehend while my eyes were plastered to a computer screen.

When I realized something needed to give, I invested in myself. I committed to first taking care of me and getting out of the 80-hour work weeks. I promised myself that by doing this, I would better be able to serve my family first, then my clients.

That was crucial.

It didn’t take long before I was earning six-figures almost every month, and their monthly payments didn’t make me squirm. I was working less, earning more, and living the life I wanted (watching my boys grow up).

So when people ask me if I ever worked with a coach, I tell them I still do. At every new level of success, I find myself facing new problems. Coaches are better able to look at these logically, while I’m stressed or sad or frustrated. They can see my block and guide me toward overcoming it, without the panic obscuring their view.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a coach, and I’d highly recommend it to you, too. Because you and your business deserve support, no matter how far along or successful you become.

There’s no reason to go at it alone when somebody has your back.