How To Fast Track Your Business This Year

Being ready to make changes is one thing, but transformations take movement.

If you promised to make 2015 your best year in business, but you’re still in the same place you were before the ball dropped in January, it’s time to get off your ass.

Maybe you’ve dreamt of leaving behind your bridge job and fear has kept you in that cubicle. Or maybe you wanted to up your earnings by 5k a month, only to watch month-after-month pass while your salary remains stagnant.

Four months have passed this year, which means you have eight more to meet your goals.



No more “I want this” or “it could happen” in your self-talk. It’s time to raise the bar and expect more out of yourself and your business. By doing this, changing something as simple as the phrases you’re using, you’ll build confidence in your resolve.

The universe (and clients) like that.

Speak to yourself as if your goals are already here.

“In May, I’ve earned 10K instead of 5.”

“I earned 10 new clients before summer officially started.”

Seem silly? Maybe. I haven’t always been woo-woo either. But when I committed to myself and changed my self-talk, big things happened inside of my business.


Start small, creating simple goals you know you can meet each week. Things you’ve put off doing that won’t take long, like:

  • Updating your social media profiles
  • Writing a new blog post for your website
  • Contacting former clients to see how you can support them in their journey and ask for testimonials

Oh, and make sure you write down your goals. Because it feels damn good to check them off your list (and keeps you motivated).

If you need to work on content creation, like a new course or offering, break the project into manageable pieces so you can keep moving through it.

There’s no reason not to chunk out manageable pieces of each task, especially if you haven’t done anything for yourself or your business in weeks. Keep moving through your list this way, and you’ll be surprised how much faster you get through it, and – holy shit – you’ll be getting it done (because you haven’t been until now).


My 1:1 clients are told, almost immediately, they need to get out there and share their business with others. Every day, make it a goal to share your work with ten new people.

As entrepreneurs, we often think people know exactly what we’re doing in our business. We are so steeped in our own copy and posts and groups that we forget how busy others are. If you don’t know what all they’re doing in their lives, how the hell can you expect them to know what you’re up to?

By sharing your expertise and telling them what you’re up doing, you’re – again – showing the big U you’re serious about your work, but you’re also getting more comfortable talking about what you do (perfecting your elevator speech), and informing people who probably didn’t have a clue what you were up to.

This can bring in leads, new clients and cash flow.

  • Find like-minded business groups on Facebook, like Entrepreneur Incubator, where you can connect with other business owners and practice pitching.
  • Offer your services inside of the groups, even if you’re just starting out. If you haven’t had any paying clients yet, ask for testimonials in return for your services.
  • Don’t give up. If one post doesn’t resonate with the audience, try again with a new offering. Once you’re getting responses, you’ll earn practice and know what types of services people are willing to pay for.

In truth, no matter how big my business has gotten or how many women share my posts, there are still people in my life who truly have no clue what I do. Yes, I’m still explaining to people – including my family – what exactly it is I do every day to earn money.

That’s okay, too, because it keeps my bank account full.

Though this list isn’t exhaustive, it’s a start. Remember, you aren’t going to reach a single goal if you don’t move. These three steps are huge in gaining momentum, building a solid foundation for a long-standing business, and earning money doing what you love.

Got questions? Hit me up in the comments.

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