Invisibility was only cool in Harry Potter

You, my friend, need to stand out.

You need to be seen for the wicked, wondrous warrior you are in business. Your words and offers cannot melt into the same pot as the other women in your industry.

So if nobody remembers what you’ve said is any different than what she said (see what I did there?)…

Hello. Hi. *Waves.*

That’s a problem.

How often are you told to be unique or eccentric or authentic (or whatever other bullshit not-really-trendy word someone is throwing at you)? But nobody tells you how?

Since we don’t know HOW, even admitting that to ourselves feels like failure. So we stay in the same place, recreating wheels that don’t work.

In truth, failure only happens when you stop trying. (It’s cliché for a reason.)

Damn-near zero entrepreneurs made it big with their first idea (me included). So wherever you are in this moment, whatever you’ve been exploring and working on, is bringing you closer to success – even if it doesn’t put money in your bank account.

For those of you who have put out offer and offer, only to hear crickets instead of stacking moolah, or those of you who’ve put out diddlysquat because you’re afraid to fail, I’ve got a secret for you:

Trying (or thinking about trying) is great. But it’s time to get off your ass and do something.

This is where I come in.

Welcome to the most intense and result-oriented weekend of your business to-date.

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It’s called Carpe Diem – a 48-hour virtual event – and it runs June 13 and June 14.

After two days with me, you’ll have an earning machine.

No more negotiating.

No more haggling.

Clients will pay your prices (without batting one of their high-dollar lash extensions).


  • 45-min 1:1 with me to review and identify EXACTLY what you want and need to get done during the event, so you walk away with action and answers (Take my clients’ word for it: What you get in 45 minutes is more than most people receive in a year-long mastermind with someone else)
  • A fresh sales funnel, whether you are a new entrepreneur or an experienced one who has a funnel that isn’t selling, so you can start reeling them in with lightning speed – and making real cash money
  • A plan for your first live event or webinar so you are pushed to create results your clients pine for
  • A rewrite of one piece of copy (sales page, about page, leadpage, home page, etc.). I’ll do it myself either during the event, on the 45-minute 1:1 call, or in between the two, so you have copy that bleeds the emotion you need to make them buy
  • Two four-hour days with me and 24 other women hustling their asses off (Valued at $8K)
  • 14 days (two freakin’ weeks) email support following the event to make sure you get questions answers and can implement immediately – to make money NOW

Say goodbye to scrimping and saving for every course that comes along. No more trying to figure out everything on your own.

After Carpe Diem, you’ll be the envy of your industry.

How can I be so confident? My clients tell me they get more out of one hour with me than they have in year-long mastermind with others.

But just to be sure you’re full-on making this happen, you also receive these bonuses:

  • The complete CCC course materials and recordings (multiple 60-page workbooks, videos, audio bonuses, sales email templates, contracts, and more). This is THE program you’ll go back to again and again for smart, savvy moves that make your business money. (Value $997)
  • Money Mindset Mastermind – my 4 week DIY course to get your head on straight when it comes to dolla dolla bills. Because if your head is not aligned with your goals? Nothing will happen. (Value $499)
  • Two bonus audio trainings from Kendrick Shope, MY coach, who will teach you her secret tips and tricks for consults and sales – the ones you MUST master to sell, in any situation. (Value priceless)

Your investment: $5,000

If you have questions, click here to schedule a quick chat with me. But do not wait.

I’ve never done this before and I’m not sure I’ll ever do it again. But with only 25 slots open, it will sell out.

This is the most profitable weekend you’ll ever invest in. I can’t wait to watch your business explode.


Didya hear? I’m hosting a free training on Thursday, May 21st at noon EDT, to teach you how to charge what you’re worth – and never, ever flinch again. Sign up here.

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