The Law Of Attraction And How It Affects Your Life RIGHT NOW

Two years ago I would have told you this shit was too woo-woo for me. And I would have said that just as I had to log into my bank account to see if I could afford to send my kid to the Montessori school a county over. But then, on the verge of a lifestyle crisis, I found The Law of Attraction when I needed it most.

And it’s changed my life from one of lack and fear to one of abundance.

The Law of Attraction is quite simple: what you think and feel is what you attract. So, If you’re lacking money – as I did in my example – you’re always going to find yourself scraping together nickels and dimes to make ends meet, unless something changes.

The good news?

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, paying bills and affording little else, you’re a mind shift away from changing the course of your life.

On a very simplified level, The Law of Attraction is all about energy. The energy you put into something is what you get back. So, if you’re putting positive energy into all areas of your life, then you’re going to receive the same, and vice versa. This theory can be applied to any part of your life:

Your marriage.

Your sex life.

Your income.

Your relationship with friends and family,

Expending positivity in these areas only makes your life easier. You start to see every tiny event that leads to greatness, and you’re a happiness magnet. Seriously, that shit will stick to you.

So how do you start following the Law of Attraction?

Look for the limiting beliefs in your life: the ones that restrict you from the happiness you deserve. Any negative belief you hold about yourself, your personal life or your career can be changed, you just have to dig around and find them.

Then, once you’ve found the belief that holds you back, write down three reasons it isn’t true. For example:

I will never earn what I’m worth.

If this resonates with you, then brainstorm three reasons it isn’t true. Ready?

  • I deserve to be happy with my income.
  • I work to over deliver the best product I’m capable of creating and, so I deserve to be compensated
  • Plenty of people make money doing what they love

We call these negative beliefs blocks for a reason, and it’s because they’re keeping you from living the life you want. Complete this exercise for every block you have in a certain area of your life. Once you have, write down all of your limiting beliefs on a sheet of paper, take it outside and torch it. This is your chance to ignite a different part of yourself, believing negative, limiting beliefs aren’t worth your time anymore.

The Law of Attraction has changed my life and the lives of the female entrepreneurs I work with on a regular basis. Once I set myself free from negativity, I was able to see my true potential and live up to the hype of being the best damn coach I wanted.

This process is still very much a part of my life, and I often remind clients that for every new level they reach, they’ll face a new devil. But once you make this a part of your daily practice, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the good clings to you.

If you’re still not convinced that this can work, it’s time to put this exercise to the test.

The Law of Attraction can’t work for me.

The LoA has changed the lives of countless other people who put it into practice

Nothing bad comes from me changing my mindset to focus on the more positive side of situations

I deserve to be happy and work through blocks

And if you’re still not convinced, there is a comment bar for a reason. Find me here or on Facebook, I’ll help you smash your limiting belief so quickly, you won’t be able to deny that this can work for you too.

It’s All In Your Head: 3 Daily Habits To Reboot Your Money Making Mojo

Last month you made five thousand dollars without much effort. Money came to you with ease and abundance. But this month you can’t find a penny in your couch cushion.

What gives?

The ease of your last pay period hasn’t followed you into the next, and you’re not sure what the hell you’re doing that’s caused the depletion. I see this over and over with up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and I saw this in my own business.

If you’ve lost your groove, it’s time to bring it back, Stella.

With a few small shifts in your daily activities, you can reboot your money making mojo.

  1. Set Specific Goals

The first step in rebooting is setting goals for yourself. But I’m not talking about overly simplified, vague things like, “Earn money.” Nope. I mean go deep inside your mind and determine what you can realistically attain that month. Depending on where you are in your career, this number will be drastically different. For you newbies, maybe making $2,000 a month seems like a number you’re happy to reach, and one that isn’t so unrealistic that getting there would make you happy and keep you motivated.

Whatever your goal is, write that shit down on a piece of paper and hang it at your workplace, where you’re reminded of it daily. One client I have writes down the number on a wall calendar and writes in her earnings every day. This helps her see how close she is to her goal, and helps her determine when it’s okay to lean back and when she needs to sprint.

If you’re not new to your business, it’s okay to add more details to this goal sheet. For example, if you have a signature program you’re selling, and you know the number you usually sell (but want to push yourself to sell a few more) you can add this below your income goal. However, if you’re just starting out – you baby bird – doing this can limit you in ways I’m not interested in you facing. One goal is all you need.

Once you’ve reached your goal consecutively, you’ll be able to assess how much more you can increase it every month. It’s all about holding yourself accountable and keeping yourself motivated.

And it works.

  1. Use the Law of Attraction

Remember that the energy you put out is the energy you get back, so if you’re defeated, using negative self-talk, you’re going to get a pile of crap from the Universe in return. The Law of Attraction works because you’re putting out positive vibes, which it will return to you. By reframing your goal statements into incredibly encouraging mantras, you’re setting yourself up for success.

State things like:

Money comes to me easily.

I am a money magnet.

My life and bank account are abundant.

Then, watch the money start appearing. Maybe you find a dollar in your pants pocket or a few coins on the curb. Either way, the Universe is reminding you that a shift in thinking goes a long way, and it’s trying to reward you. There’s no reason to fight it by saying terribly negative things about what you deserve, what you want and what you earn.

The Universe has your back, ya’ll.

  1. Clear blocks about money

If you’re still struggling to make money, then you need to go back to exploring your blocks. What self-limiting beliefs do you have about money that are keeping your pockets empty? If you fear what life will be like once you earn what you deserve, that’s a block. If you don’t think you’re as good at your job as an industry leader, you’re blocked. And if there is any flicker of doubt in your mind about why you’re not living the life you want, earning the money you deserve, then you have to banish that immediately, or you will never earn to your full potential.

To combat this, write down your restrictive belief. Then counter-attack it by writing down three reasons this block is false.

For example:

I have to work hard to make money.

  • My course or product is beneficial to its recipient, and because it’s already created, I can sit back and relax.
  • I set my own hours and choose when to hustle.
  • Trusting the universe means it will not fail me.

Listen, we all face lulls in the earning department, but those of us who recover from them do so because we’ve chosen to set goals, remember the big U has our back, and smash through the negative, limiting beliefs that used to stop us.

Doing this every day will drastically change your life and income. As you continue using these tips while your business grows, you’ll find they help you continue building. Your goals will get larger, your energy will continue rising and your blocks will be easier to find and demolish.