You have to know your value before you can own it

When I started putting together the ridiculously talented line-up for CCC, I knew the program’s content could launch anyone’s career, if they did even half of the work.

Because, as an entrepreneur, we all know how it goes when you sign up for a new course. The first few weeks we’re all eager eyes and listening ears, but then – as the course wears on – we realize it’s just like every other program and we stop doing the work, senioritis hitting before we’re even upper-classman.

That was my dilemma when building CCC:

How do I make it different enough that the group will push themselves each week without feeling they’ve wasted time on just another course?

My job is to deliver, and their collective job is to show up, week after week, and do the work.

As we near the end of the inaugural run of CCC, I think I underestimated something so powerful it brings tears to my eyes as I type.

The power of the women completing the course is so strong, I have no doubt they’ll change the world.

Known for over-delivering, I never anticipated watching my entire group over-achieve. They show up, they own their own shit (and murder blocks), and they put to use the content in a way that only better builds their business.

Beyond that, they’re manifesting machines in their work and personal lives. I’ve seen them build one another up and pour out their guts in our private Facebook group. My soon-to-be graduates are brave, they’re strong, and they’re not afraid to be themselves.

In the beginning, they used to joke about putting their offerings out through a “puke and post” system. It meant they acknowledged their overwhelming fears of becoming visible, but posted anyway.

Over the last few weeks, many of the members have commented on how much easier it is to own their worth and their work: the puke and post becoming less puke-inducing.

How fucking cool is that?

The course, though designed to take a business to the next level, is more about finding your own value and owning it. Learning that blasting through a block doesn’t mean another one won’t show up. It just means you’ll know how to tackle it when it surfaces. More than that, it seeps through your soul in a way that means your entire life will be forever changed by its content.

Funny, I didn’t design it or describe it that way.

These women did.

To be the owner and creator of such a life-changing course is humbling, and I’d be lying if I said I expected the outcome to be this profound.

To my CCCers:

You’ve also changed my life. You’ve shown me that I put my money where my mouth is. You’ve given me the courage to continue this program, and you’ve inspired me to keep over-delivering and sharing bits of myself I hadn’t assumed I needed to.

I’m so damn proud of the women you’ve become, and I cannot wrap my head around how much you’ve all changed. You’re stronger now. You’re more confident – and wealthier. And your clients are damn lucky to have you.

If you ever need a reminder of where you started, go back to your week one workbook and look at the blocks you started with. See how different they are today than they were then. Remember how hard it was to fill in that content, and then be proud you don’t flinch now when asked to do the same work. Because finding blocks isn’t a weakness, it’s a life-skill, and you’ve perfected it throughout this course.

Thank you for teaching me I’m a teacher, for showing me students are more equipped than anyone imagines, and for sharing your spark and passion in a way that reignites mine.

Want to feel what that’s like? Join me in CCC. Enroll by April 1st to receive a bonus worth $500, my Manifest NOW course, plus $2800 in bonuses from the CCCers themselves.

Learn how to manifest like a pro, change the way you think forever and create a life you love. And all that happens before we even start. See CCC testimonials here.

Let me share one of my dirtiest, darkest little secrets:

No matter how much of a badass I am, I’m a sucker for helping others. If you ever want to see my soft side, all you have to do is watch me interact with my kids or dogs (or a new, passion-filled and determined entrepreneur looking for guidance).

My no-holds-barred attitude and brazen business model appear rock-ribbed, but – in truth – flexibility and reinvention are the elements that fill my wallet.

So what I’m about to say shouldn’t truly surprise you.

May 1 is around the corner. By then, most of us will see and feel longer, warmer days: the summer begging for its turn after the shit-storm of a winter we just survived.

Will your business be ready for a new season?

If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to reevaluate your entrepreneurial model.

Are you actually a successful owner or do you just play one when it’s convenient?

I know you are looking for the break that will catapult you into success – because my inbox is full of emails asking me to reopen CCC to get you to the next level. We all want to earn the money we deserve in a business that sends tremors through our legs.

That’s why I’m reopening my program six months before I planned. You tugged at my secret soft side, you little vixens.

On May 1, the second run of CCC begins. (I move quick like that.)

That means enrollment is open now. You have little more than a month to sign up, making the decision to change your life forever.

Don’t believe me? Just watch this:

Now take a deep breath and keep reading.

You deserve to have a business that gets you so damn excited you practically jump out of bed in the morning…to check your email and your bank balance.

You deserve to enjoy the freedom that comes from running your own biz because you’re not chained to your laptop every waking moment, hustling to get by.

And above all, you deserve to feel wildly confident doing your thing, at prices you love that support the life YOU want to live.

The CCC curriculum helps you dig into blocks and struggles so you can finally let them go.

We tackle everything from client clarity to money mindset, from writing jaw-dropping sales pages to marketing techniques the experts use – and how THE THOUGHTS YOU THINK affect all of that.

I’m talking tried-and-true tips and tricks that will save you time and aggravation and hours and dollars over figuring it out on your own.

That’s a lot of saving.

When you join, you’ll receive 12 weeks of hard-won lessons from myself and a dozen other industry leaders, including weekly group calls with laser-coaching from me, workbooks, done-for-you templates, sample session wrap-up emails, testimonial requests, opt-in creation, exclusive access to bonuses (not available anywhere else) and SO MUCH MORE…for $1997 or 4 payments of $549 each.

And if you sign up before April 1, you receive my self-study mindset course, Manifest NOW, as a bonus. This alone is a $500 chunk of awesome.

Whatever block or fear is keeping you from making it in business will be crushed in the first weeks of CCC. Annihilated. Adios.

By the end, you’ll finally look like the pro you are – one who feels fucking fabulous about earning a metric ton of money working from her place of genius.

How bad ass is that?

Sign up for CCC before April 1 in order to get the bonus so you can, learn how to manifest like a pro, change the way you think forever and create a life you love. And all that happens before we even start the main course.

See other CCC testimonials here.