Everyone has questions. Which of yours can I answer?

Get on Facebook on Tuesday, November 18th at 4 p.m. EST. Be on time, because I’m only giving away FREE answers for an hour.

Yep, free.

Want in? It’s going to be an epic online par-tay. You don’t have to RSVP. You don’t have to dress up, unless you’re into that kind of thing. Just me, you and other badass entrepreneurs with questions about money and mindset, chatting it up via Facebook.

Get this shit done to join:

Click here to LIKE my page.

Write down your questions. Make them as clear and compact as possible. Please, for the love of all things red and satin, do not ask me about anything I have to research (or leave my page to find).

Join us at 4 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 18th (tomorrow).

Follow the rules and I’ll answer you live. The rest of you will probably see answers in upcoming blog posts. Thanks for the content, friends.

It’s simple. You’ll either show up and get rewarded, or you’ll miss your chance and kick your own ass.

No reason to suffer the consequences of the latter. This is going to be fun.

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