Why writing is like Duck Dynasty

Sort of…

I want my novel in the top 100 Amazon.

I want to be a famous author.

I want everyone to love me and my book.

Things we hear and see every day from writers all over the world.

What we don’t see is the follow-up. We don’t hear about the work they are putting in to make their book the best it can be.

What do they plan to do to make their stuff stand out?


Last night, I had the rare luxury of watching part of a Duck Dynasty marathon. I don’t like TV. I don’t have time for TV. But I made an exception after the hell that was last week. I was about halfway through the episode where Jas and Willie take their wives hunting when my husband came in and started talking over it. Not just a few words. Not a quick reminder about something. An actual conversation he insisted on continuing even when I asked him to wait for a commercial.

“What? Like you don’t know how it will end? Their taking their wives hunting. There are no surprises here,” he said.

Which is true.

“But it’s not about the end,” I said. “It’s about the telling of the story.”

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A book for all you rule-breakers (like me)

Today, I am surrounded by the vortex of awesomeness that only comes when you completely kick ass. Which I did yesterday, when I finished The Definitive Guide to Writing on Your Terms, Using Your Own, Honest-to-God, Gut-Wrenching Voice.

Huge. Project.

Massive. Happy. Dance.

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last month or so, I wrote this book for all the writers out there like me. The rule breakers. The ones who want to write our way. But are simultaneously terrified that it’s wrong to try. “Because writing has rules.”

With this book, you now have 136 pages that say you’re not wrong.

Fuck the rules.

You’re allowed to write any damn way you please. You don’t need anyone’s permission. And as soon as you stop looking for it, you’ll write better – from your gut.

In the time it takes to read this book, you’ll know what it took me more than a decade to figure out.

What you get

•  How to identify and eliminate specific ways you are holding yourself back.
•  A detailed guide showing you everything you need to put an end to writer’s block.
•  A checklist to help you get writing NOW.
•  How to quash the internal editor forever.
•  How to avoid the number one mistake that causes people to quit before they even get going.

Those of you who have worked with me on your manuscripts or in private coaching know my mantra. Readers are starving for substance without the bullshit. They want honesty. When they get it, they’re thankful you haven’t wasted their time.

You can give them all of that just by being yourself.

You keep them reading. You are the only person who can make them feel something – the unabashed goal of every writer.

Maybe you’ve dreamed about writing your whole life. For many people, that is exactly what writing will always be: Something they dream about, but are sure they could never accomplish.

Guess what? You can. And you will.

Click here for the table of contents and an excerpt.

This book is for people who have something to say.
The ones who come alive thinking about putting pen to paper.
This book is not for the ordinary.
Don’t buy it unless you’re willing to get off your ass and go after what you want.
Here are the tools.
They won’t work unless you pick them up and use them.


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