Yearlong Intensive Program



You receive:

  • DAILY accountability
  • quarterly intensives
  • weekly coaching calls
  • AND access to all my programs and retreats.

Investment: $500K


If you’re on the fence… ready to go to a level you didn’t know was in your cards… THIS IS A NO BRAINER.

This is called the power of investing WITH a return. A return of a mindset change so powerful you now don’t question IF but when. You’ll make back whatever you put and then some. It’s knowledge… It’s a shift you’ll carry for a lifetime.

Everytime I’ve spent a dollar with Becky my world changed. Point blank.

This isn’t about maintaining 6 figures… doing things the blah blah blah typical way.

This is about reaching epic levels… realizing you have a place there too.

Simply put – JUST MAKE THE MOVE – it’s time for 7 and 8 figure goals. It’s time for you to move up there with the big dogs.

​​​​​​​Get on it ladies, or it’ll be another missed opportunity, another day sitting in mediocrity.
– Danielle Aime​​​​​​​

Before working with Becky, I felt alone, without that inspirational tribe they talk about. Dreams in the back of my mind, yearning, yet doubting them.  Feeling something more was in me, more possibility yet unsure of how to tap into it.

Tolerating low level clients, giving all of me and yet feeling unfulfilled, knowing I am giving more and more than I should. Tolerating and giving my time and energy to draining tasks that I did not like and was not good at—talk about a double whammy mojo dive into the black hole.

She helped me to become aware of patterns I was in, finally seeing the Hero Complex, my value being tied to swooping in and fixing issues and even attracting the clients that kept this role in place. I saw a way to dismantle it and create what I desire…

The self-confidence, the direction, connection, has definitely increased as well as the clarity and ability to discern activities that will get me closer to my dream.

– Nancy Despres

Before working with Becky, I was of the mindset that I still had a long ways to go. I thought I was still inexperienced, needed more training, that I was missing something that wasn’t attracting people the right way. I was still scared of putting myself out there as big as possible. I was hiding, talking myself out of things, and owning almost nothing.

I took home a ton of tools and new mindset techniques to get me right back to the place I need to be – confidence, owning my stuff, and actually saying (owning) how I can help.

Being around others and seeing what everyone is doing was very comforting. We’re all struggling with the same stuff. No one is special and has some crazy trick to success that we didn’t know about.

Sitting in that room and watching other women have AHAs was almost as powerful as my own.

If you want big change, you need to get face to face with Becky. For an extended period of time… DAYS. So much more can happen when it’s intense like this. The collective vibe will make you never want to leave. The shifts are monstrous. You will not come back the same person.”

– Erin Monaghan


Refund Policy: Please be sure you are 100% committed as we do not offer refunds or cancellations for this program. By using or purchasing our program you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided for any reason.

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