This is for YOU

World-Changing Women Entrepreneurs


Enough telling yourself you’re going to do it and not following-through.


Enough lying to yourself that you’ve got this handled.


Enough pretending you know what to do.


Enough with the excuses for doing sweet fuck-all day after day. 


Enough believing everything will change “when” — because you already know nothing is changing.


You’re here to make waves. Make shit happen. Make a mess. And then make a massive pile of money.

So why aren’t you?

Everything you dream about can be yours. But first you have to get off your ass, out of your comfort zone and into reality.

THAT is where we ask for help, quit winging it, get stupid serious about doing the things necessary to get there, and celebrating the shit out of our grit.

Because unless you DO what you know you must? You’ll stay right where you are.

It starts with how you think, which directly impacts how you feel, which then (you guessed it) affects whether or not you move your ass. Action is what gets results.

Ergo, how HIGH you rise or how low your crawl? Comes down to a series of daily decisions.

This is about what you’re capable of, what you’ve already accomplished, what makes you amazing, who you are here to serve, and why no one does it the way you can.

This is about embracing power — yours.

It’s about kicking fear in the teeth. 

It’s about saying adios to excuses, bullshit, self-doubt, sabotage and self-flagellation.

Because as long as you’re lying to yourself about what’s acceptable and how you have plenty of time to get things done later, the longer you will watch other women doing what you know you were born to do.

Rise up or shut up.



Blaze the trail.

Cut the path.

Burn the crutches, the old habits, the patterns that defeat you.

Step the fuck up.

You feel me?

If this sounds like what you need — and are READY for — consider this a very personal invitation to join THIS IS FOR YOU, my year-long mastermind.

This is a group intensive that will change you at your core. And you’ll never look back.

What can you expect? I’m so glad you asked…

  • To turn your beliefs about yourself inside-out, get real, get brutally honest and get shit done.
  • To step into a reality where you have the business and life of your dreams.
  • To move forward with conviction, clarity and HIGH accountability.

If you know you have more than enough info, knowledge, research and how-to bullshit, This Is For You. (See what I did there?)

If you know you need a firm, loving kick in the ass every day to stay on track, keep reading.

This is the work that determines your success — for life.

You will choose to become the person you want to be, and know you were BORN to be. 


Unlimited Support

Unlimited access to Becky (or a member of her team) via Voxer, and a private 1:1 call each month. Ask any questions, any time.

Group Training

High-level, interactive group trainings on mindset, crafted by Becky, specifically for women ready to lead their industry.

Private Community

Access to our private community of high-achieving women entrepreneurs striving to be their best.


Build relationships with members and create partnerships to bring your business to the next level.


More than just access to Becky and the community…

How about an annual retreat? Think sun, beach, FUN. Spend a weekend learning more, connecting in person and creating new and powerful relationships with like-minded women.

Bottom line…

Bigger impact.
Bigger income.
Bigger purpose.
Bigger outcomes.

Slots are limited to allow Becky to be up close and personal with you and get you the lasting transformation you want.

You walk away:

  • Being the person you’ve always known you could be
  • Holding insane motivation and inspiration
  • With immediate and lasting habit changes
  • Knowing your old blocks and limits are dead
  • Understanding your fears, resistance and sabotages, and knowing how to dance with them and take action anyway
  • Knowing how to trust yourself
  • Knowing EXACTLY how to take action NOW, even when you don’t know how to start

Scroll down to apply.


  • 1:1 support…
  • live group training calls…
  • a private community of women just like you…
  • an annual retreat (beach, sun, fun)…


Platinum - $1500/mo

(Or $850/mo for 24 months)

Unlimited access to Becky via Voxer

One 30-min 1:1 call with Becky a month

Two live group trainings a month

Diamond - $5K/mo

(or $2700/mo for 24 months)

Unlimited access to Becky via Voxer

Two 60-min 1:1 calls with Becky a month

Two live group trainings a month

Access to MORE

Access to all current and future online trainings or programs