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I did a thing and I’m doing another

A while back I was feeling down post-surgery about all things business related, pissed at myself for not doing more – even though the doc said to do nothing for 8 weeks.

We all have an inner bitch. Mine is absolutely sinister and unrelenting. So I thought about things I could actually do while resting. Things that did not involve a spike in cortisol, a live stream, or any heavy duty thinking. I really was exhausted and supposed to be resting.

I have a few things I’ve always wanted to learn how to do. (I think we all do.) I came to the conclusion that time “off” didn’t have to mean lying prostrate for two months. I could do things, just not things that required lots of thinking or physical effort.

At first I thought about crocheting. But a few YouTube videos later, I decided it was beyond the depths of my brain fog. So I settled on wrapping rocks.


Babes, let me tell you, this is the MOST Zen thing I’ve ever done in my life. If I had ever tried yoga, I’d probably tell you it’s better than that.

It requires nothing but some leather cord and a rock, and your imagination. It calmed me immensely, and I was making some really beautiful things while not leaving my bed.

The best part was I had no deadline, no expectation, no benchmark to hit, no achievement for the books.

The relief was profound.

Then I realized precious few things in my life offered a sense of creativity with play, rather than pressure to achieve. And that is bullshit.

I want more things in my life that allow me total and complete presence, where I get lost in what I am doing. The horses do this for me every time. But I couldn’t get out there after surgery in the snow. Hence, these stones.


It’s been months and I find myself still wanting to create more. A couple of nights a week, I’m still going at it, crafting more intricate patterns, playing with different types of cord and even using caning (not easy, btw).

It’s absolutely fabulous. The best part is, though I started with no other idea than to relax, people are buying them and they LOVE them. They use them for meditation, decoration, nature offerings, and more.

It got me thinking: When my real “job” of coaching and creating content becomes play, I surpass every expectation. So why aren’t I making my work more fun?

In my classes (which I’ll talk about in a minute), I share repeatedly how important it is to have fun, break the rules, be impulsive and party. Yet I forgot that part for myself. It’s a lesson I needed to learn again.

Enter Summer School. ⇐ click

Now, before you say anything, I want you to think about people you know who went to summer school IRL or maybe your own experience there.

The theme I always heard about was how EASY and fun it was to be in summer school and get a passing grade. Certainly easier than a full semester. And the teachers were more relaxed because…it’s SUMMER.

So here’s my promise: I give you two weeks in July with all my rule-breaking, business-building madness (ergo, we have a crap ton of fun), plus you get massive bonuses to work through on your own, at your own pace, after. And the first 5 people who join also get 1:1 time with me.

I’m doing it all for less than 600 bucks.

Play. Creativity. Cut loose. Fuck around and find out.

This is for anyone who feels stuck, disorganized, as though they are “doing it wrong” or unsure what to do next.

You leave with a boatload of fresh ideas that feel amazing to YOU, a plan to continue on that is fun and easy, as well as my signature business building course.

Wanna play? ⇐ click!!

I can’t wait.