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Dear Diary,

Today, I did a 90-minute live training for a group I mostly don’t know. I despise video, but apparently they liked it.

Then I watched my friend and colleague, Jenna Faith, blow up the internet with her new series about the coaching industry. Go give her a follow on FB for more. It’s worth it. She’s so fucking inspiring. The world needs more people like her helping others.

I am now comfortably back in my pajamas, behind the keyboard – my most favorite place.

Things I learned today:

  • It doesn’t matter how many times you share the correct link, at the correct time, with the correct description, someone (or several people) will not be able to find it.
  • They will also try to contact you about those issues while you are actively live and teaching, and therefore unable to assist or even see their requests.
  • I LOVE my job. I love supporting women and pushing them further than they believed possible. The look on their faces when they actually do the damn thing is priceless. It is a gift of experience they will have forever.
  • If you ask for help from people who you have helped in the past, and the request is ignored or declined, they are not your people.
  •  The coaching industry may have snake oil salesmen, but there are leagues and leagues of us in integrity who DO give a shit and we are banding together like never before.
  • There are too many individuals and not enough communities.
  • We crave safe spaces, but few are brave enough or energized to create them.
  • Get off your high horse, share your vulnerability and you win. Simple.

I am 51 years old. Read: even less tolerant of bullshit than ever before, and acutely aware of my limited time on this planet. I lack the patience for wannabes, maybes and kindas.

From the bottom of my heart: Be all in when you ask for my help. Or go away.

So uninspiring

Dear Diary,

Today, I am gearing up for a month-long free series I’m teaching. I love teaching. I love helping people.

I fucking hate video.



I lose concentration. I get distracted by whatever is going on in the background at my house. The noise, the dogs in my lap, the cat who always, ALWAYS sits on my arm when I go live. And I hate having to look a certain way.

Life was so much easier when I just used the telephone or audio recordings.

Makeup makes my face itch and I have no trendy clothes because I live in my bathrobe.

That’s by design – because successful people really don’t dress up for anyone. There’s an old adage about how the men in suits work for the people in pajamas. But I digress…

Obligatory duckface

For these new classes, in our shitty-ass culture that always comments on a woman’s appearance, I have to put on clothes. Fuck.

So I’m doing it because these women need the knowledge. But god help the first person who says one thing about how I look. People don’t do that to men, BTW. No one goes on Jack Canfield’s lives and compliments his suit or hair. They actually listen to what he says.

What a concept.

Anyway, the material I wrote up is incredibly powerful and I’m proud of myself for putting it together and choosing to show up. Someday, my granddaughters will be teaching in their pajamas and celebrated for it. I’m two generations too early.