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Dear Diary,

Today, I did a 90-minute live training for a group I mostly don’t know. I despise video, but apparently they liked it.

Then I watched my friend and colleague, Jenna Faith, blow up the internet with her new series about the coaching industry. Go give her a follow on FB for more. It’s worth it. She’s so fucking inspiring. The world needs more people like her helping others.

I am now comfortably back in my pajamas, behind the keyboard – my most favorite place.

Things I learned today:

  • It doesn’t matter how many times you share the correct link, at the correct time, with the correct description, someone (or several people) will not be able to find it.
  • They will also try to contact you about those issues while you are actively live and teaching, and therefore unable to assist or even see their requests.
  • I LOVE my job. I love supporting women and pushing them further than they believed possible. The look on their faces when they actually do the damn thing is priceless. It is a gift of experience they will have forever.
  • If you ask for help from people who you have helped in the past, and the request is ignored or declined, they are not your people.
  •  The coaching industry may have snake oil salesmen, but there are leagues and leagues of us in integrity who DO give a shit and we are banding together like never before.
  • There are too many individuals and not enough communities.
  • We crave safe spaces, but few are brave enough or energized to create them.
  • Get off your high horse, share your vulnerability and you win. Simple.

I am 51 years old. Read: even less tolerant of bullshit than ever before, and acutely aware of my limited time on this planet. I lack the patience for wannabes, maybes and kindas.

From the bottom of my heart: Be all in when you ask for my help. Or go away.

Dear Diary

I woke up today with the idea that this blog should be a diary. Yes, just like when you were 12 and used pink glitter pens with fluffy cotton on the eraser top.

And since I’m my own boss, I can do whatever I want. (Highly recommend.)

Dear Diary is the new blog. You will find here confessions, the mindset issues I’m working through, the business moves I’m making behind the scenes. Basically, the dirt. Be honest, everyone loves dirt.

So today, I am working on the content for the Not Another Masterclass (Series), along with videos, and I’m crafting the material for Summer School.

What I want to be doing is transplanting my peonies from NH to VT, at the new house. They just started spouting and I’m told it’s the perfect time to move them. (I’ve accumulated about 15 in the 25 years I’ve lived in NH and I don’t want to leave them behind.)

Anyway, the two things connected in my brain in an odd way…

We’re told there’s a right time for everything. We like to push too soon, or wait too late.

But what if that’s not even possible?

What if what you thought was too soon was meant to teach you something? The same for whatever you thought was too late?

What if there is no possible way to fuck up? Because no matter the circumstance or outcome, you are exactly where you are meant to be? You are there to learn something that allows you advance, getting you closer to where you intend to go.

I won’t lie: The idea relieved a shit ton of pressure. It’s impossible to be behind. It’s ridiculous to think I can be ahead of the curve.

I’m on my own timeline, so who says what’s early or late?

I used to tell this story where, in my head, the universe is a giant hand moving pieces on a chessboard. Our goal is to win the game. The universe wants that too. But we have no idea how many moves will be necessary on that board in order to win.

Ergo, too late, too early, failure, mistake, fuck up, freak out, are just moves getting us closer to the win.

Feel me?

So no, I’m not moving peonies today. But I am certain I will get them moved when I am supposed to in order to learn something or win. It’s one or the other. That’s how my world is set up.

What about yours?

Are mistakes the death of you? Do you cringe at the prospect of failure? That’s a great way to put yourself in a box.

Meantime, the Not Another Masterclass (Series) starts in 2 days, on May 15. That’s where my focus lies. I call it a month of out-of-the-box thinking and a rave for your brain. You should get in.