You are powerful beyond measure. Beyond reason. Or logic. Or making any sense of it.

Whichever way you choose to say you’re reclaiming the crown
destined to be perched on your head, it’s time to speak it into reality.

After all, that’s how you found yourself here — in this moment and on this page — because you know your destiny doesn’t include struggle or self-sacrifice. And once you realize the truth, that life can be joyful and easy, the world never looks the same again.

You want doors to open.

You want what used to feel impossible to become effortless.

You want what your heart desires to arrive without grind or exhaustion.

And you know transforming your thinking, falling in love with yourself (and feeling freer and more empowered than ever before) are not just concepts, but a way of life.

A way of life you’re ready to live and love.


Do you see it?

Because I see you and all your wishing and wanting, and I want you to know something very simple:

Total freedom can be your reality.

You can be free from stressing about other people.

Free from guilt, shame, blame and “shoulds.”

Free from worrying you’re supposed to be doing more, better, faster.

And FREE to attract the things you want, own your voice, your power, and attack an amazing life.

  • Making money easily — a natural extension of flow and happiness
  • Growing your business easily — a natural extension of flow and happiness
  • Cultivating stronger relationships — a natural extension of flow and happiness
  • Having a firm sense of peace and joy — a natural extension of flow and happiness

Do I have your attention yet?

Project YES is my 12-week, step-by-step program that uses my decade in this industry, helping thousands of women worldwide, along with proven psychological tools to show you how to rewrite your relationship with yourself. And that definitely includes what you think you’re capable of. (Hint: So. Much. More.)

This is where you define success and attract it with EASE, escape expectations and get on with a truly fulfilled life.

Project YES is three-month program. We go deep. It’s intense. And you will NEVER be the same.

The breakdown looks like this:

Mindset + Gratitude

  • get really real with yourself
  • identify where you are (because we can’t be better versions of ourselves until we know where we are)
  • releasing blocks and limiting beliefs
  • creating the life you want
  • identify your why and commit to your mission

Ditch the Judgement (Game-changer)

You’ll walk away with five major mindset shifts replacing old habits, providing a fresh perspective, and a new-and-awesome attitude. The concepts covered include:

  • Being your own best friend or your worst enemy
  • The media’s role in your self talk
  • The science of happiness
  • Your brain’s own bias
  • How you perceive pleasure
  • Saying goodbye to guilt, blame, and shame forever

Feeling your Feelings

  • Getting to the root of your true desires
  • Giving yourself permission to feel
  • How to enrich and fulfill your life daily


  • Who are you? (And who do you pretend to be?)
  • The strength and courage it takes to truly be yourself


  • Greater success, physical and mental health all stem from connection to others
  • How happiness is actually contagious


  • Getting crystal clear on your dream life.
  • What you want to do
  • How you want to feel
  • Detoxing your current life (what’s stopping you from getting what you want)
  • Creating space for what you really want
  • Making your vision and mission happen right now


  • How you perceive fun, flow and ease
  • Analyzing your choices
  • Looking at relationships, what you tolerate, and so much more


  • It isn’t selfish
  • It means much more than what you think
  • Establishing habits to keep yourself a priority
  • How building up others actually brings you higher


  • How to make every day a good day
  • Changing your outlook and, thereby, your motivation
  • Take ownership and responsibility of your choices
  • Learning how to deal with people who don’t understand where you’re headed

Compassion and Generosity

  • Giving back and doing good (Yo, generosity releases endorphins, activating parts of the brain associated with trust, pleasure and social connection)
  • How you spend your time and resources
  • How altruism creates a loop of happiness for everyone

Purpose and Meaning

  • FLOW
  • Matching your strengths with challenges
  • Improving performance
  • How to naturally commit to long-term, meaningful goals (because it feels amazing)

You are the light

  • What’s good and what makes us grateful
  • The ripple effect and how to make even bigger waves

See what others are saying…

I grossly underestimated this program from the beginning. Happiness? Really? Why is this the focus when we have more important things to do in business like perfect our next program? LOL

This was the gentlest approach I’ve ever seen Becky take to revolutionizing how you do everything in your life. I think I’ve maybe taken almost every program Becky has offered, and this one by far has been the most impactful, surprisingly deep implementation and transformation to date in my business.

I changed everything I was doing and really started asking myself what I wanted out of business and life. Not what would make money, not what I could do for everyone else, but starting with ME and paying attention to what would really make me happy.

Do not skip this opportunity and underestimate the power of what finding your own happiness can do for your bottom line. I went from struggling, randomly getting clients (and not knowing why), to finally seeing clearly what I needed to do and landing projects with billionaires faster and easier than I’ve ever done in the past.

– Erin Monaghan

– What was the best part of the Project YES?

Learning not just from Becky but also other participants. It truly was a community where we have each other’s back, offer support, accountability and a different perspective! It lets you know that you are not alone and that you can definitely do this!

At first, I had doubts about the whole “take care of yourself first” philosophy and kept waiting for some “real strategies…” But as the weeks went on, I noticed drastic changes in how I feel about myself… And that translated into my relationship with the kids, my marriage and my business.

It was really just Becky and us, raw, real.

– What was the biggest change you experienced as a result of this course?

Courage to stand up for myself, my needs, my beliefs… and consequently manifest a 4-month move to Europe for my kids and me.

– If someone you know is thinking of working with me in this program, what would you tell her?

Do it! Don’t walk – run! It will literally change your life – if you are ready, willing and open to doing the work.

– Sara Speicher

Unlike most programs that focus purely on doing more and more and MORE, Project YES focuses on how you feel inside — that’s how you get permanent, lasting change.

All it takes is a commitment to start the process, bringing you a pivotal step closer to forever changing your life.

Because we’ll focus on ease, flow and fun.

We’ll retrain your mind.

But most importantly, we’ll align your soul.

As if that’s not enough, as a bonus you’ll receive 24/7 support in my Project Yes VIP Community.

Inside, other powerful women come together to create the critical community you need to succeed. Together, we support one another through the entire Project YES process.

Yes, that means I’m there too. To help guide you, answer questions, and provide advice.

$3497 $397


Project YES is for you if…

  • You know hustle and grind isn’t for you
  • You know the self-judgement and criticism must go
  • You’re ready to put yourself first
  • You know it’s time to learn how to start appreciating and loving yourself
  • You can’t wait to jump in with both feet
  • Lasting happiness, ease, flow and ultimate success are your goals
  • You’re ready to make lasting changes to your life, business and relationships

Project YES is NOT for you if…

  • You’re committed to going harder
  • You wear struggle and exhaustion like a badge of honor
  • You want a quick fix
  • You’re not willing to make changes
  • You want to remain a victim of your past
  • You’re unwilling to step out of your comfort zone or put time, energy and work into yourself

Quit putting off what you know can change your life forever.

You deserve everything you desire.

What are you waiting for?

$3497 $397


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