Full Moon Ritual – December 18th

December’s Full Moon in Cancer reaches its peak on the 18th at 11:36 p.m. EDT.

This month’s full moon is a time to practice forgiveness and close out the year and start fresh for the next.

I’ll be performing a ritual to support you as you release any lingering negative energy or resentment from this year.

Add your name to the altar.

You will be included and you will receive photos, as well as a tarot card reading.

How the Rituals Have Supported Our Clients

“A big shout out to Becky today! I put my name on the list for the last spell casting for abundance.

Not that I had any doubt it would work – I know the power of spells – I had no idea how quickly and powerfully it would.

I saw the typical things like people gifting me, money coming to me AND I saw my work turned upside down… wait for it…

What I saw was the abundance in me. I saw the unfoldment of my multi-million dollar path and it scared the daylights out of me because it would require me to be in on my art (writing). My soul has been nudging me and I’ve been hitting ignore.

This spell brought it ALL up and I’m so grateful it did. Making the commitment to this new path even though it scares the fuck out of me. Thank you again, Becky!

Now – working on manifesting the $$$ to join Witchy Women :)”

-Jessica Nevins