…Despite what everyone wants you to think.

And despite what even you want to think.

When you consider money for what it really is, let’s talk real talk:

The U.S. dollar bill is a 2.61 inch wide x 6.14 inch long x .0043 inch thick rectangular little piece of paper that exists for an average of 5.9 measly years before it’s thrown out and replaced with another.

Yet, this dispensable little piece of printed paper has its tight little claws wrapped around your throat, doesn’t it? You worry about getting enough of it, saving enough of it, having enough of it — because your ability to effectively and efficiently convince other people to give you their little pieces of paper, in exchange for something you have, is the only thing that’s standing in your way.

MMM_CoverSo why is it so hard to ask for a stupid little piece of paper?

Let’s talk money.

Get every elephant out of the room — every weak person squirming.

Money is what you want. Straight up.

So, do you have a plan to get it?

Or are you just crossing your fingers behind your back, hoping the paper will fall into your purse? (That’s a piss poor strategy, by the way.)

If you’re selling something, and you’re not collecting as many little pieces of paper as you’d like to, chances are good that it’s your fault.

I know, that sounds brutal. But that’s why we’re here, and that’s why you’re reading this page in the first place. Because you know you can do better. You just don’t know how.

Welcome to my Money Mindset Mastermind.

Created for women who feel like guilty sh*ts when they ask to get paid.

This is a course for anyone who’s ever thought, “I can’t charge that much,” or “No one will ever pay that much,” or “What if they don’t think I’m worth it?” or “Who the fuck can actually charge $500 an hour?” (Hint: Your future self, soon.)

Money messes with people — fact.

Even though it’s nothing but a flimsy little piece of paper, most people get all sorts of irrational when it comes to asking for it, taking it, giving it and not feeling one bit guilty about any of it.

A few years ago, I set out to discover why that is. And what I discovered is simple: Most people just don’t know how.

They don’t know how to ask for money in a way that makes them feel good about it. They don’t know how to take money in a way that makes them feel confident about it. And they certainly don’t know how to experience money in a way that feels natural, powerful and WELL DESERVED. Which, as you can imagine, leads to a lot of problems when you’re a business owner and your #1 job? Is to get money.

Becky SittingEnter: This course.

The Money Mindset Mastermind is designed to change all of that — and then some.

If you’re someone who’s shy about charging money. If you’re someone who’s reluctant to raise your rates. If you’re questioning your self-worth and the value you bring to the table. If you have no idea where to even begin with your pricing.

Then this is for you. (And FYI, the answer to “where do I begin with my pricing?” is right here.)

Because how you think about money is just as important as you how ask for it.

And how you think about money? Might just be the one thing your bank account has been missing.


  • An exclusive series of five Money Mindset Mastermind Strategy Sessions, pre-recorded and available to you via instant download, for you to start learning how to break through your own money blocks TODAY. (While jogging, driving in your car, sitting peacefully at your desk with full intention — it’s entirely up to you how you want to learn.)
  • The proprietary Money Mindset Mastermind Moneybook, including more than 40 pages of money guidance, tough love and, most importantly, money-making know-how that will serve you not just now, but forever. (We never stop needing to make money, after all.)
  • The detailed, step-by-step Money Mindset Mastermind Play-by-Play, developed as a quick reference tool to help you identify and smash any and every money block that comes up for you along the way. (Think of this as a private ass-kick you can peek at any time you think to yourself, “I need to lower my prices” or “Should I just let them have it for a discount?” or “HELP!!!”)
  • A bonus series of Money Mindset Mini-Classes, containing the three mistakes all entrepreneurs (accidentally) make that prevent money from flowing in – and how to stop that shit ASAP.
  • And last but not least, my own personal top tips for getting into a money manifestation mindset… So you can get those sales UP, without selling OUT.

One time fee: $997

Pay this today. Make double that tomorrow…
…and then exponentially, every day thereafter for the rest of your life.

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In Becky’s MMM program, I’m seeing huge shifts in my money mindset (obviously), business, and most importantly to me, my self-worth & confidence. This program is gold! – Heather Stephens


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