What’s stopping you from reaching your goals?

The answers are highly variable from person to person.

Here’s what’s consistent: In 20 lessons, I’ll show you how to get past of ALL it.

GRIT is my new program to show you how to find your inner resolve and bust through your perceived blocks and limiting beliefs with ease.

They don’t call me the “bullshit slayer” for nothing.

Like ALL of you, I’ve been through some shit myself. My nickname has a two-pronged meaning:

  1. I won’t quit.
  2. I know what YOU are capable of – even when you don’t yet. I know when you are lying to yourself about what you can and cannot do.

I have seen people claw their way out of situations that would make your hair curl – myself included. Which led me to create THIS course.

Because people have a nasty habit of quitting WAY too soon.

The first module gives you everything you need to know about how to overcome the different types of setbacks, including fear, “hopeless situations”, failures and more.

You’ll also discover the fastest way to resolve challenges, how to use creativity when you’re up against a wall (it’s your secret weapon), and the rock-solid system to help you to believe in yourself, even when you’re struggling.

The second module shows you techniques to motivate yourself to do great things and continue that motivation throughout your journey to the finish line.

Next, inside module three, you’ll learn techniques to persevere. You’ll find your reasons to NEVER QUIT when the going gets tough.

We wrap up with module four, where you’ll discover solutions for obstacles, clarify the details of the life you want to live, and enjoy effective personal motivation as you write your own success story.

You walk away knowing how to:

  • Deal effectively with setbacks (not stop and cry in your Cheerios)
  • Find the fastest solutions to your challenges (keep your momentum)
  • Draw from your creativity to find new solutions (your secret weapon)
  • Get through hopeless situations (because they’re never really hopeless)
  • Believe in yourself and your dreams even during tough times (the #1 success tool in existence)
  • Use failure to your advantage (it’s a gift)
  • Motivate yourself to do great things (if you’re going to do any thing great, you must believe you can. Believing you can is motivation, when done correctly.)
  • Maintain enthusiasm in the face of adversity (This is NOT positive thinking. It’s proven psychological tactics.)
  • Finish what you start (Follow-through makes Queens)

You’ll understand super powerful ways to deal with setbacks and failures.

You’ll learn strategies for self-motivation. And let’s face it: No one cares more about your dream than you. So if you’re not onboard, you’re kinda f’d.

You’ll feel excited about the future, which propels you further, faster.

This course is for you if you feel like you’re stuck where you are — or even worse, moving backward — because of your challenges.

Want to become unstoppable? Get GRIT.

This is a 20-module (yes, twenty) program to guide you through perceived difficulties and setbacks, and to show you how to come out on top – no matter what.

People ask me all the time how I just keep going. (Twelve years and counting in this business with no end in sight.) I’ve had more than my fair share of setbacks and disasters.

My answer is inside this program.

Grab yours for ONLY $197.

Here’s the breakdown…

  • 4 modules with a total of 20 powerful lessons
  • 50+ additional affirmations, checklists and reflections to reinforce the material
  • A quiz for each module to encourage retention
  • A short reflection followed by a specific, tangible action step after each lesson

The goal is to keep it short and actionable so you can build momentum and take action after each lesson.

This is Expert Guidance To Develop Grit And Resilience…

For ANYONE longing to REWRITE their story and overcome mental and physical roadblocks.

Module 1: The Overwhelming Force Method of Handling Setbacks

One of the most powerful ways to overcome obstacles and setbacks is to confront them. To simply attack obstacles with grit and determination and to never give up. This module shows you how to meet obstacles head-on and keep going until they aren’t obstacles anymore.

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction
  • Lesson 2 – Achieve Your Goals Regardless of Obstacles
  • Lesson 3 – 7 Common Obstacles and How to Navigate Them
  • Lesson 4 – Remove Fear and Eliminate Many of Your Challenges
  • Lesson 5 – Direct Solutions: The Fastest Way to Resolve Challenges
  • Lesson 6 – Get Your Creative Juices Flowing When You’re Up Against a Wall
  • Lesson 7 – 8 Proven Strategies to Help You Get Through “Hopeless” Situations
  • Lesson 8 – Believing in Yourself Through the Toughest Times
  • Lesson 9 – Overcoming Failures to Reach Success
  • Lesson 10 – Module 1 Summary and Reflection

Module 2: The Mental Motivation Trick

Motivation involves physical energy, but a huge portion of it is mental. If you can get yourself into the right mindset, you significantly boost motivation. In this module, you’ll discover how to prime your mind for maximum motivation.

  • Lesson 11 – How to Motivate Yourself to Do Great Things
  • Lesson 12 – Achieve Greater Success With a Daily Self-Motivating Regimen
  • Lesson 13 – Maintaining the Enthusiasm to Succeed
  • Lesson 14 – Summary and Reflection

Module 3: Learning To Persevere

You cannot overcome obstacles if you are unable to persevere in the face of difficulty. Perseverance allows you to confront obstacles with boldness, knowing you will be able to keep going even when things get hard. In this module, I’ll show you expert tactics for pushing through when things get hard. We’re talking grit and determination.

  • Lesson 15 – Grit versus Talent
  • Lesson 16 – Persistence Pays: Learning to Finish What You Start
  • Lesson 17 – Instead of Quitting, Try This
  • Lesson 18 – Module 3 Summary and Reflection

Module 4: Write Your Own Success Story

This final module is about helping you visualize your future, and have faith that you really CAN overcome any obstacle. You’re going to write your own story, in detail, about what the future looks like, how you will conquer obstacles, move past failure, and much more. This is where you move from knowledge to application. 

  • Lesson 19 – Writing Your Own Success Story – Part 1
  • Lesson 20 – Writing Your Own Success Story – Part 2

Grab yours for ONLY $197.

You will understand how to:

  • Use grit, resilience and perseverance to transform failure to your advantage
  • Effectively deal with setbacks
  • Find the fastest solutions to your challenges using mental toughness techniques
  • Draw from your creativity to find new solutions
  • Craft effective strategies to get through “hopeless” situations
  • Believe in yourself and your dreams, especially during tough times
  • Encourage yourself to do great things via self-motivation hacks
  • Maintain enthusiasm in the face of adversity
  • Become a finisher

If you’re struggling to rise above, this is for you.

I’m going to show you how to develop the grit and resilience that gets you through any challenge.

Grab yours for ONLY $197.

What others say…

Every time I failed – business, life, parenting – I thought I was pep-talking myself into trying again, but I was really beating myself up for not being instantly amazing.

After going through GRIT, I can now take these inevitable learning curves (because that’s life) so much less seriously and not feel like I’m some bumbling idiot… I’m just like everyone else.

These are the tools to LOVINGLY put yourself back on track and keep that momentum going – which is way more effective than kicking yourself when you’re down and losing speed.

How you think and speak to yourself has everything to do with how far you go, NOT how hard you work or how many strategies you try.

Stop being mean to yourself. Get the tools to up your game – in every area of life.  – Erin Monaghan

Just dove into the first module, and I am blown away. Becky has me looking at my obstacles in a whole new way – and as it turns out, they’re not so big and they’re not so scary.

Every lesson closes with exercises and questions, so I can take a deeper look at what’s really standing in my way. By looking inwards and reminding me how I’ve done this before, Becky shows me how to turn those obstacles into stepping stones to greater success. And that’s only a few lessons in!

Becky is the flashlight, showing you where to dig. If you’re prepared to bring a shovel and roll up your sleeves, you will be as amazed as I was at just how ready & capable you truly are.  – Fariha Masud