A program to bring you back to life.


In her natural state, a woman is downright feral – and unstoppable.

She is activated, on purpose, unfiltered – and profoundly and powerfully ALIVE.

Unfortunately, most women feel none of that. Instead, they are stuck in a loop or combination of suppression, hiding, muting and filtering.

We were taught that parts of us weren’t acceptable – the fear, the longing, the loud voice, the power and fierceness, the sexuality and sensuality, the DEEP CALL OF FREEDOM, the totally out-of-control energy and presence.

So we shut it down. We repressed, hid and forgot our brilliant wholeness.

Whatever we were told was too much or not enough got denied or rejected, shoved in the back of a dark closet.

And we wonder why we don’t feel good enough, can’t get past that income mark, struggle to find love for others and self.

Oh, my loves, it’s well past time for you to live your wildest dreams.

But it’s only going to happen if you get back to your WILDEST self.

Inside this GET WILD journey, I’m going to show you the practices and mindset shifts to do just that.

That wild child you once were is still deep inside of you

WILD practices help you reclaim ALL OF YOU.

So you can show up fully, make bank, call in clients and live the live you deserve.

Inside, I’ll show you how to release the shame and come back to wholeness.

You may have forgotten, but it’s all still inside you – because no one could ever take it away…

The WILD, unbound freedom and relief that comes from standing firmly in your own path is innate to you.

Last I checked, we are here to walk our own path — not his, not hers, not theirs, not the other.

That liberation is the freedom to be. And it brings you sooooo many benefits:

  • more energy
  • more confidence
  • trust in self
  • higher vibration
  • FLOW – in every area of life (which is the polar opposite of anxiety and fear)
  • fierce empowerment
  • and much more

GET WILD, and I’ll show you the tools you can use forever to continuously restore your light and confidence.

One of the most sacred things you can do is to FULLY be who you came to be on this planet.

It’s time to re-activate your origin codes.

You can call it divine feminine, the dark goddess, ancestry work, shadow work or light work, empowerment, remembering your divinity or anything else.

Here’s what it does:

  • Amplifies your light and your voice
  • Helps you push edges and claim your space
  • Supports you fully in true self-expression
  • Helps you embody the REAL you, no filters or masks
  • Which increases your bottom line

There is nothing more magnetic, powerful and intoxicating than a woman who unapologetically lives her truth.

Your voice is needed.

Your uniqueness is needed.

Your medicine is needed.

And it will only flow freely when you choose your soul over society.⁠

You are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually amazing.

The answer to your problems is available to you within your own innate wisdom.

Your Investment: Only $497

Get four days of the live GET WILD program, condensed into over 4 hours of pre-recorded masterclasses. … and GET WILD again.

After purchase, you will be provided access to an online membership area with all of your recordings.

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