*Let’s get real in the quickest, dirtiest way.

No magic bullet or money guarantee.

Here, we offer a healthy dose of get-your-head-straight honesty.

You don’t have to be a genius to build an online business. But it’s gritty, tough work (especially for solopreneurs).

You have the vision and vibes, but you’re clueless on the get-off-your-ass process.

You’ve watched enough rags-to-riches stories to regurgitate the all-too-common “promises” on social media. (Who wouldn’t sign up for $6K in 6 days? But, really, is that attainable?)

Through the drama and devastation, concern and resistance, you still want the next level.

Want to know what’s sexy about that?

You have clarity inside of head noise. You don’t care what it takes to make entrepreneurship work, you’ll do it all (and then werk, girl).

You? Harboring a head honcho, a heavy hitter in your heart.

And that, my friend, makes for one hellavuh journey (in the best way) when you play up your strengths and MURDER anything stopping you from manifesting the life – and business – you want.

Stimulating, eh?

Let’s get REAL real:

Entrepreneurs don’t all suffer the same struggles. There’s no one-size-fits all solution to this shit.

If there was, wouldn’t everyone be earning six-figures?

And it’s very easy to let fear or past failure dictate your direction when money isn’t flowing.

But the women who submit to anxiety are also waving fat white flags on their dreams.

And I hate watching smart, savvy and seriously-passionate ladies give up because they don’t think effort is practical anymore.

You want the freedom of working for yourself, on your own terms.

I love your hunger and guts.

You want someone in your back pocket, answering questions when they come up and slapping your ass when you make a sale.

I like asses. (I’ll never make you feel like one.)

Let’s turn on the power and put you in the spotlight, turn heads and change your life, so you can impact others.

If you’re ready to turn rah-rah into ROI, I’ll get you mucho-moving.

Twelve weeks from now, you can lose 12 pounds or watch six episodes of your favorite show.

Or you can get out of desperation.

Me + you = 12 weeks of you…

Inspired. Activated. Living YOUR dream.

Together, we:

  • Unpack tools and tricks on building a raving community of fans
  • Develop packages you love (at prices that feel good)
  • Perfect effective sales (sans sleaze)
  • Look at your website and copy and create a plan of action
  • Focus on mindset, showing you why you deserve everything you want
  • Work on wealth consciousness

No two clients will have the same experience. This is unique-to-you and specialized with your needs as non-negotiables. We’ll debrief your business and find the pain points we need to focus on first.

In weekly 1:1 calls and with unlimited email access, you’ve got my locked and loaded brain on your business.

Bang, bang, business bitches.

(Don’t forget I’m slapping asses in pockets, too.)

Listen, I can’t promise a shit ton of money because – ultimately – it’s up to you to do the work and bring in bank.

But I can promise if you show up and stop at nothing, there’s no reason your dream can’t work.

It’s just a matter of how bad you want it.

Aching for achievement?

That’s sexy too.

Now serving a dose of reality, with a side dish of shut the fuck up.

APPLY here, gorgeous. I’m waiting for you.

Investment:  $25,000 (Payment installments available)